• Put that way, sonnny boy, or you may lose it.
  • Haha I show them my middle finger and stick out my tongue! Cause for them it's fun and they would never expect a reaction like that from an adult and the expressions on their surprised faces...PRICELESS! LoL
  • They are just having fun! let them be kids.
  • I would laugh my ass off and thank God none of those hellions come home to live with me. If they "mooned" me, I might laugh so hard I would have to pull the car over.
  • probably wave.......lame, I know
  • Double middle fingers.
  • I stick my tongue out.
  • Blow kisses at them.
  • kids being kids....they probably don't realize what they are doing. and if they really do understand what they are doing then they are looking for a reaction, so by doing anything just encourages them.
  • Laughter & devil ears...
  • Laugh and kinda good-naturedly shake my head. They're probably just going for shock value, anyway.
  • I would call the school and give them the number of the bus. i wouldnt react at all to the children. I would tell someone in the school office what happened. it would just be an observation. not a complaint.
  • Shoot them down with an AK-47, those no-good bastards...
  • i'd give them double middle fingers.. lol.. and if they moon me i'd get my passenger to moon them back.. they wouldnt expect that.. they are only having fun
  • If they were older kids, I would just ignore them, and deny them any satisfaction of getting any kind of reaction out of me. Younger kids wouldn't see it that way, they wouldn't feel dismissed or ignored.
  • Think to yourself: "That's their IQ"
  • Pull over and stop the bus. Tell all the other kids that everytime it happens you are going to pull over again, and everyone will be late for school. The ones that arent doing anything will get mad are the ones that are.....
  • The question is how would you react if I gave you the pinky? I mean isn't it just another finger? I mean the middle finger is the longest finger on both hands but the middle finger has three digits just like all the other fingers except the thumb. Sure the middle finger is supposed to represent sex but if you don't do what they are mocking you for then why flip out? Simply think about lets see..... the economy? $700 billion dollars is being invested in failing companies from the Bush administration. We already gave 85$ billion to AIG. What next? I know lets cry about some stupid kid on the bus who gave me the middle finger.

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