• Unless you have permission from the creator, then no. Besides, 9 times out of 10 their videos aren't legal either if they used music in it, or clips or anything copy written they didn't make and didn't have permission to use, so that is pretty much a double screw.
  • Ermmmmmmm...........I think it may be 10-30% illegal,but still downloadable.
  • no of course not....i hope.
  • yupp everything is still copyrighted
  • In every sense of the word "no it is not". Youtube are under extreme legal constraints in order to stay alive. If they allowed people to download videos, then they would be in breach of enough laws to keep google lawyers in holiday homes for 20 years. So, will anyone chase you if you rip videos off the site? Probably not. If you commercially promote a site promoting the feature would you be in trouble, Still a maybe. If you launched such a site and it turned out Youtube approves it? That's easy. The end of Youtube. Slam dunk. Without a doubt. Be thankful for Youtube and respect their attempts to allow free video sharing. They can NEVER allow you to rip and when you do rip, it is just making their job harder. Actually its like masturbation. We all do it, just never in public. And I think that is a nice way to leave it.
  • Actually, YES, it IS legal to download youtube videos, as long as youtube had a legal right to show that video in the first place. Way back in the '70s, when VCR's first came out, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that ANY content that is obtained from a legal source and used for personal, non-commercial use is legal. for more info, check out .
  • you need to ask youtube that question

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