• I am pretty much in the same position as you, however I also live with him. We each have our separate rooms but we interact like we are married. I try not to get jealous when he does show an interest in other girls (it's extremely hard). I know there is going to come a point in time when it's going to be time for me to move on because I do want more for my life. Once I finish school and get my career underway will be more appropriate. However, you shouldn't base your life on needing someone else there. Yes I long to share my life with someone also, but it has to be a 2 way street. I love him with all my heart and I know he also cares about me or else he wouldn't have done the things that he has for me and my child. However there are different kinds of love. You cannot force him to look at you as a girlfriend, and that is one thing you have to accept. If it was meant to be it will be. There are other good people out there and putting a distance between you and him might be a good idea if you put everyone on a pedestal and compare them to him. That's not fair to the other person. Take your time and live your life, you'll find someone when you least expect it and you're not looking. You'd be surprised at what you will find.
  • There are more people out there. If you're a girl, pretty up yourself and be nice. If you're a guy, try to be more confident and go out... really, there are LOT of more people out there...
  • Well, I don't really think there's any point in trying. I really hope that none of my boyfriend's close female friends feel that way about him, because I would probably feel hurt if they talked about like everything with each other. Think about the girlfriend's feelings and keep your distance.
  • When a guy has placed the title of just a friend on you, and loves you in that "sisterly" way, there's not a whole lot you can do to get noticed differently. He also already has a girlfriend, so I really believe you need to stop "longing" for him, because he may seem perfect to you, but I'm sure there's another guy out there that will come close if you open your eyes and mind.
  • I would have to disagree with most of these answers. If anyone knows what its like to have a boyfriend, but somewhat be in love with your best friend. And all he does is tell you about HER and their relationship. He tells you how much he loves you but in a friendly way. Im not sure theres much you can do to possibly be his girlfriend but if your really close to him like you think you are then just talk to him about it. My best friend and i have really deep conversations and i all most brought it up but im worried it might ruin our friendship you know? But theres nothing holding you back, just go for it. Take a chance and FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Dont spend your life wondering what could have been.
  • Unfortunately she may not accept your friendship with him for very long so what is the risk of giving another guy a chance to at least be good friends while you are sorting thru the painful feelings in a tough situation. I feel for you
  • I'm a girlfriend. She waited until we were at the weakest point in our relationship to tell him the truth about how she liked him. I talked with him. He resolved that I'm the only one for him and she'll only ever be his friend. He told her that we're still together. She cried a little. She had thought and hoped that we would break up. She said she's mad at herself but happy for us. I feel guilty for wanting my love the way it always has been. I've been crying for two days straight and I have no appetite. I can't stand this.
  • I have the same problem, i think i have feelings for my best guy friend but he is also in a relationship. We worked together in the summer and thats when it hit me that i liked him. We can talk about anything and he never seams to mention her when we are together. My friends tell me to tell him how i feel but i also dont want to ruin our friendship. I have tried to date other guys but the relationships never seam to work out because i find myself comparing them to him. He always cuts down the guys i see anyways so it makes me not want to be with them even more. The best advice i can give is stick with the friendship you have and try and see other ppl. Because good friends are hard to find, and who knows maybe if you keep waiting for him something great will come outta it. But then again what if he doesnt feel the same? There is tons of fish in the sea. keep your eyes open because maybe this is only suppose to be a friendship....
  • well first thing is if you have a hand in his current relationship ending you will never have a healthy relationship with him. it took 7 years to get over my first crush, 4 for teh next. neither of them returned the feelings. then I did not let myself fall again for years. at age 22 I let myself fall for a chick off the internet knowing I was being stupid but so happy that I was capable of feeling love again I did not care if it led to pain (which it did) then I met and married my wife
  • There are lots of singles out there who deserves you.
  • What part of he already has a girlfriend don't you understand. You make your own misery, the cards are laid out, you can be happy whenever you want to, just not with someone who is already taken. Duh
  • I'm in the same boat. My best friend is my high school sweetheart. We didn't talk or see each other for 20 years until our high school reunion brought us back together. We talk several times a day every day. He has a girlfriend that he confides in as well as me. The only thing is the girlfriend doesn't even know I exist. He doesn't want to tell her about me because it is too new and early in their relationship. But whenever we are together and go out as friends everyone thinks we are together or married. I have been honest with him about everything especially about my feelings for him. He says he loves me but he is not in love with me. He is in love with his girlfriend. Everytime one of our friends bring up we should be together he gets angry. But yet he calls me everyday and leads me to believe their relationship will not last. When he needs something like borrowing money, he will ask me and not his girlfriend because it is too new in their relationship to bring on the financial stress of money.
  • "there are plenty of fish in the sea." honestly.
  • Omg! I feel just the same. I hate having the feeling. All I can say is leave your options open. Try to compare him to other guy you know. I know thats what I would do and have done. See I liked this guy for almost 2 years and I compared him to every guy possible,but no one is like him. So I would try to find another guy out there maybe someone that isn't a bestfriend,because that could ruin it. Beleive me it has happened to me before. Just keep your head high and find someone else. Sorry that's all I could think of.
  • ! don't want another man! Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved latin men! I have my heart set on a handsome latino. I hate the other girl, and don't care if she gets hurt. In fact, I'd like to see her get hurt. She doesn't deserve him. She snatched him up from me. I should be the girlfriend, not her.
  • I know that what I said sounds mean and cruel, but I really looove handsome latin men! I want one so much.
  • love is not something beyond your control...but you can only control who you love and you cannot control who others can choose who you are in love why would you choose someone that doesn't love you in the way you need/want to be loved? You say that you long to share your life but you choose someone that doesn't want to share your life with you...sounds like you've set yourself to be otherwords, you want to be unhappy so you are creating it. Also, you say no one will ever be good enough, like this guy is the best ever...well, there's always someone "better"...again, you are setting yourself up to be unhappy by telling yourself silly things.
  • You are wrong, ther are plenty others that will be good enough. There is no body in this world that is not good enough for another person in love.
  • Sounds as though you may have discovered your best male friend as your soulmate. This is a sad situation. you love him, but the other girl has his heart. Not much you can do.
  • i hate being a girl, there aren't enough guys to go around and it sucks to have to fight over a guy.
  • My guy has a best friend who is female. Theyve known each other for years. They e-mail, and text..she's married with a child. Ive asked him why they never dated and he said they were just better suited to being friends. They never fooled around or had a relationship outside of being friends. Theyve exchanged i love yous and tell each other everything. Am i jealous? A little, do i worry he will leave me eventually for her? No. He is commited to me and to our relationship. It DOES bother me when they say i love you tho..i have guy friends, and we've never said that to each other. It'd be least it would to me. We go to fla. in 3wks..this girl lives not ready to meet her so he wont be seeing her..and boy, will she be pissed.
  • Find out what makes him feel attracted to his girlfriend.
  • Trust me i've been throught many hard times, similar to yours. Just remember that you WILL get through it and you will realise once you have got over it that you have gotten stronger, mentally. Just keep optimistic and happy and more people will want to be with you, and you knever know love might be waiting right round the corner. (Also remember that you are not alone!)

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