• In a formal setting, it might be considered rude, but in most casual settings it probably isn't. Many people ask first, but not everyone. It's fairly common to shorten names, if someone doesn't want it done, they simply say so.
  • In real life, unless you are friends with that person it would seem a bit presumptuous, but here on AB sometimes it's just MUCH easier. I haven't found anyone here to be offended by it, and I know I am not.
  • Some people might consider it rude, especially if you haven't interacted with them that much. But you can shorten my name, I've got no problem with that ;)
  • G'day Janie, Thank you for your question. It depends on the context. Generally not, providing that the abbreviation is not offensive. Sometimes I shorten people's names in responding to their questions. Regards
  • My name can be shortened and my boss uses it the shortened version without asking. Now he's got the whole damn company calling me that.
  • In real life yes in aviatar personally I don't think its rude.
  • maybe yes it is. however, my name is shortend, personally i really dont like my full name ,so there you have it,
  • that depends on the person I guess and how you were raised. it is common practice here in Tennessee to shorten names when it can be done out of respect. I never took offense when people have done this to me rather they were friends family or strangers.
  • In real life I always ask..when I'm asked, I say "Rosemarie is my full name but you can call me Rosie"..I don't mind either one..some people don't care for nicknames so I try to comply with their wishes. On AB some of the "handles" are very long and complicated..I always use initials or portions of names..I have not asked permission (well, actually I did a couple of times) to use specific ones..but so far no one has objected! :) Happy Thursday! :)

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