• I say let it go, it's the thought that counts, right?
  • What's more important? Your boyfriend or the stuff he buys for you? Remember, it was you that lost it.
  • There behavior to "confront." Bad things happen to good people. He didn't do anything to you except give you a nice gift. Perhaps if you really want to replace it, you should ask where he purchased it. (Out of curiosity, wondering if he lost a not-cheap present that you had bought him, would you replace it. Did you BUY him a not-cheap present. It is my experience that women generally buy cheap and get way better from spouses and boyfriends.)
  • Since you broke / lost it, the fact that he was understanding should be enough. I'm not sure why you are entitled to a replacement at his expense... I'm sure that he appreciates the fact that you treasured his gift to you though.
  • Perhaps he took the hint for next Valentine's Day. Confronting him over something you lost will only make you a selfish pain in the a$$ in his eyes.
  • Uh...YOU lost it. Accidentally, I'm sure, but why should it be his responsibility to replace it? It was really sweet of him to get you a nice gift, and it sucks that you broke it, but that doesn't mean he has to get you a new one. Drop it, darlin, unless you want to make him mad and drive him away...wanting "stuff" isn't worth risking a relationship.
  • You may have intended to drop a hint that you'd like another one, but I assure you: he didn't get the message. You say: "Aww this great necklace that you got me broke! I'm so devastated!" He hears: "Aww this great necklace you gave me broke!" He responds: "Aww, that sucks. It's OK though, it's only a necklace don't worry about it" He can't read your mind, and he can't recognize discrete hints. He sees you fretting over a broken necklace and is trying to comfort you. So, honestly, he tried to do the right thing - or what he thought was right. It's not fair to punish him for that. Of course maybe there's some deep-seeded feelings that I'm missing, but taking this story on face value that is how I would respond.
  • Tell him that you adored the necklace that he gave you. It may be an accident but, he shouldn't be the one to take the responsibilty of replacing it. :)
  • I'm guessing you hurt his feelings (even if it wasn't on purpose) and he felt dejected because of it. You should let it go. He gave you a gift and whatever happens to it after that doesn't matter. He shouldn't have to replace it. Let it go, and try to be more careful with his gifts.
  • Of course you let it go. You lost the necklace and as much as you would like a new one, he is not required to run to the store and buy you a new one when you lost it. Cut your losses. And if you gave him any attitude about it, apologize. Remember that you are the one who lost the necklace, not him.
  • This sounds very materialistic to me. He got you that necklace for V-day and it's unfortunate that it was lost - but come on...trying to get him to go buy another one? Let it go, you may come off as sounding more interested in the actual item than what the thought behind the item was.
  • Let it go.
  • Why should he have to buy you another one? He already bought you one. Why are you being so selfish? Seriously. I lost a ring my boyfriend bought me for Christmas and he bought me a new one, but I'd rather the one he bought me before. I didn't even ask him to buy it and I didn't even hope he would. I just wanted to find the original one. The first one means more. Why do you want to wear a memory that reminds you you lost his present? Anyway, yes, you should let it go. You are overreacting. A replacement present does not replace the memories of the original present. I have been in a similar situation as I have shown in this answer, and although he did buy me a new one out of his own freewill, it still doesn't replace the original, even though it has the exact same design (a silver ring with a pink heart).
  • Guys don't take hints well. They've also said if they think you're hinting they'll blow it off because you're not being direct. Try being upfront instead and see if that helps.
  • You lost the necklace: you replace it.
  • OH MY GOD I LOST MY NECKLACE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD OH HELP ME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it.
  • your b.f should mad of you cuz you lost his gift.... but he was understanding man.... and didn't done anything stupid.... you should be happy about it.... if you told him and confront him about getting another... you will lose him cuz you are not interested in him... you are interseted in his gifts...
  • Guys are not very good at taking hints, it takes a good time to 'tune' in on this type of stuff! Remember, men don't get body language that easily, which you might have told him that way, and was frustrated he did not 'read' you. Try verbal cues: "Oh, but I liked it, and now it's lost..." or more direct ones: "Oh, you gave me such nice thing, i would love to have another..." If he continues to be thick, be direct: "I like having a token of your affection, but I think it was defective because it broke. I would really like you to give me a replacement"... He'll eventually string your comments, and be more responsive to subtler cues... It's not that he does not want, it's just that you are talking in another totally different plane... Remember, guys are practical, down-to-earth brutes... that's why he didn't care, it was not a great loss, but he did not understand the full EMOTIONAL value...
  • maybe you can replace it yourself

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