• I'm not in any of those countries, but in this part of New York State, there are a number of fish farms that keep the sport fish populations in local lakes from being depleted. I support the idea, as well as farming commercially-valuable fish. It's a lot easier to track populations than it is for wild fish.
  • Here are my thoughts:
  • The plains of Alberta are filled with dry land Salmon. dry land means without water, trained and bred to live without water. It is fish ranching at it's best. I loved to help my uncle round up the 15,000 salmon and get them ready for market.
  • Fish farming should be banned in all countries.It produces very unhealthy fish for they are in a concentrated area and are poisoned by the feces that is concentrated beneath their habitat.I only eat fish that is caught in the wild.Farm fish are virtually swimming in a septic tank of filth.
  • I don't like farm raised fish. The taste and quality is not the same as those that are caught in the wild. Salmon is the worst!!! Yuck.
  • Fine with me.
  • There may be disputes about the quality of farmed fish, however I am very supportive of fish farming. Particuarly for a fish such as cod, which is endangered in many parts. Fish farming produces a sustainable stock of fish. I would rather we didn't fish our fish into oblivion than have something a little more, although I have never noticed a difference (and actually the best cod I ever had in my life was from a sustainable farm in Scotland), tasty.
  • It seems like one good thing is it will protect the fish from ingesting harmful toxins to be passed on to the eaters.

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