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  • Stop smoking pot...
  • Take the test. You are straight 10 years will have you very clean.
  • Drugs are bad. Don't do them o_O lol
  • Well, you probably would have passed it 9 years and 11 months ago... so I wouldn't worry too much now.
  • try not to miss the cup - that really "pisses" them off
  • If this is a standard drug test for an employer then I would assume that it will be conducted with a urine sample. If you haven't smoked in 10 years then you are well past that point of testing positive. If this for a bigger purpose (like a federal job, or for purpose of security clearence) keep in mind that substances can remain in your hair follicles for 7 to 12 years, and testing the shaft of your hair is the new "it" drug test. But, don't be too worried. If we can have a president who smoked pot 20 years ago, then I don't think whomever is testing you will have an issue with someone who smoked it 10 years ago. Good luck, and yes it's perfectly normal for the nurse to watch you pee;-)
  • Show up on time.
  • Tell them you are pregnant.
  • Geez, you may have to pay off the lab tech.
  • Whatever you do, don't smoke it the day before and then come on AB asking what you can do overnight so you can pass. After 10 years though you stand a high probability of passing... probably better than 10% (kidding).
  • Well, there is the hair test. Do you have hair on your body that is ten years old? Just dont be deceptive in any way. Ask for a blood screen. Generally whoever is looking for drugs look for the big four and can care less about marijuana. cocaine, heroin, speed, and something else. most people test green. its the shade that is important. sometimes you walk through a cloud of smoke on the street. dont sweat it.
  • well i would say if you havent smoked or dont do any other drugs in that long you definitly will pass for sure pot stays in your system for like 30 days if that as long as you been clean that long you have nothing to worry about
  • Your best luck is to wait 28 days thats not saying the testers will ask for a hair sample and thats another story look at the length of your hair in relationship to the last time you smoked and there you go, but that won't happen your not a parolee about twenty eight days for thc to get out of your system
  • 10 YEARS...dat redicules!! yull pass da test man, dw...
  • eat a dozen poppy seed muffins first. wait, 10 years dude, if there is any marijuana left in your system that was some strong assed stuff.
  • just keep walking, you'll pass one eventually
  • Shave your ass, they might want a hair sample.
  • Well, if they are testing for drugs and you want to pass (a positive result) then I guess you need to start smoking. Technically, don't we all want to fail the test looking for drugs?? ;^)
  • Well if you have not smoke pot for 10 years I highly doubt that your drug test will come out positive.
  • dip ya finger in bleach and piss on it, they say it works in the mines, i am not a smoker myself.
  • dude after 10 years you have nothing to worry about
  • Don't smoke it again before the test.
  • You have absolutely nothing to worry about. But I believe you already know that.
  • your 100% for blood saliva or urine if you havnt smoked marijuana in 10 years.
  • weed only stays in your system for 28 days, you'll be fine.
  • Drink a cup of cooking oil, this will clear your system out for sure. 100% pass rate after this.
  • After 10 years there is nothing to worry about dude. but I recommend you to never do that again cause it stays in your mind for the next ten years !
  • After 10 years you would not find any trace of it in your blood. Don’t think about it and please don’t start again. Drugs decrease your memory.
  • it only stays in your system for about a month so 10 years your good to go :)
  • You will test completely negative, 10 years is plenty of time for it to leave your body and your hair. Don't be nervous. You will be fine, also don't tell them you smoked and deny it if they ask. Good luck!
  • O your screwed no chance
  • Well since my last long answer just got deleted because I wasnt signed in, I'll make this short. I was in the military for several years and smoked just about every weekend and never failed a single drug screen. This is how I done it- For drug screens I suggest 2 products. One is called surejel and can be found in any grocery store by the geletin. What this does is masks the THC cells(which are similar to fat cells) by coating them with geletin the down side to this is after mixing it up with water it tastes absolutely horrible and only works for around 5 hours. Another method (and I suggest using both) is actually cleansing this can be done by drinking lots of water and using water purification pills.The water purification tablets can be found at any wal-mart in the camping section a good product is called potable aqua The water purification pills are simply Iodine tablets used to purify questionable water in a survival situation. The downside to this is that the iodine tablets have been known to cause damage to kidneys if used for a prolonged time. So only use them at most every 2-3 weeks. From one smoker to another I hope this helps. Its not quite as informal as my initial answer but im sure it will more than help. Happy smoking and may big buds and clean piss be in your future.

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