• I recently paid 3.49. I can't say how much I would pay because I have to drive for a living. Anything over $5.00 would have me looking for alternate transportation I suppose.
  • I paid $3.18 when I last filled my car. Knowing me, as long as I can afford it, I'll still fill up my car regardless the price of the gas. +5
  • Right now............... 3.17 I'm not sure on the most. I guess I'll be forced to pay whatever it is but will now have to do some serious car pooling.
  • 3.34 a gallon. likemost everyone else ill be forced to pay whatever they want to charge! which seems to be every freakin penny they can get!prices have skyrocketed on everything in the last 18 months except my paycheck. its stayed the same. poverty level is gonna jump bigtime!!
  • Gas is $3.59 where I'm at. That is the most I have ever paid. I would probaly pay up to $5 a gallon then maybe trade my SUV in for a tandem bike.
  • We got close to $4 a gallon last year. I guess I will pay whatever I have to pay, I would really like it to go back down to a reasonable price. Anyone remember gas under $1, I do... I miss those days.
  • We in the uk are paying almost £5 per gallon for gas.How much is that in US dollars?.
  • $3.89... ridiculous.
  • In a comparison to affordibility to price thing, I paid $2.499 in July of 1999. That was about half of what I earned an hour at that time. The $3.199 I paid today is way more affordable then the 1999 price.
    • mushroom
      And then there was .... 1986 .... $0.69/gal (US)
  • In the UK we pay about £1.12 per litre that is not far off $10 a gallon
  • I paid close to $6.00 USD for the equivalent of a gallon on Caribbean Island of St. Martin and here in the USA, I have paid as much as $3.50 per gallon in the Los Angeles area. As for the most I would pay---I would pay whatever amount is necessary to complete my travel and I'd arbitrarily say $5.00 a gallon but I would probably switch to a hybrid car.
  • 1,98..after $2 I gave up driving to make a difference in the Earth.
  • i dont drive

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