• Sure! Wear whatever you want! Heck, my husband and his groomsmen wore tunics and black pants. ^_^
  • You can wear what ever makes you comfortable.
  • Absolutely. You get to decide what look you want.
  • I think its fine its basically up to the couple if they are fine with it then forget everyone eles its your guys' wedding nobody eles
  • Most definently, it's your wedding, and there's almost nothing you 'have' to do. In fact, the more oddball things you come up with, the more original and creative your relatives will think you are. That, or they'll just think you're a bunch of hippies. Ha.
  • Of course it's okay. However, you might want to make sure your future wife is okay with that.
  • Yeah you can wear whatever you like. It does tend to look a little tacky, though. Especially if you are having a well funded wedding. If you can afford to have the traditional "niceties" usually associated with a wedding, and reception, and are not going with a more comfortable home wedding, then it would be a good idea to go ahead and rent tuxes for the groomsmen, and buy the groom's.( why should women be the only ones to keep forever what they got married in?) See, I am married, and my wedding wasn't everything it should have been. I have not stopped catching hell from both sides of the family, for one reason or another, in two and a half years. It is better to go ahead and shell out the few extra bucks for tuxes. Your pictures will look alot better, and a little extra "zing" will be given to the whole wedding. ( will also keep the in-laws pacified)
  • you can wear a dress, that's ok. But when you think of tuxedos you are thinking bow tie. It's different now. This is a tux as well
  • I don't see why not! In my opinion they look just as nice!
  • That is what a co-worker of mine is doing for her wedding this summer, so you won't be the only one. Planning a wedding a really stressful practice saying this phrase when things start to get to you: "It is MY wedding, and everyone else will have to deal with it!" That make whatever choice YOU want. Well, you and your fieance.
  • I wore a suit to my wedding, and the groomsmen did as well- I figured if we're going to pay that much to rent a tux, might as well pay about the same to get something to keep, which all my groomsmen needed anyway, with their professions- or, something they would use, rather. I know another man who had his groomsmen wear black slacks, shoes, socks, and t-shirts, and he wore the same with a white button shirt open over the black shirt. It actually worked quite well, and was a very good cheap option. The only one I'd worry about is the bride, or possibly her mother!
  • Wear what you fancy since it is your wedding day. But i suggest that you wear a tux since it is more formal and elegant. Jammie
  • Wear whatever you want. You can get married naked if you desire (now there's a thought). I've been to a few weddings where the guys just had suits and the girls weren't all elaborate.
  • it's your wedding. Wear whatever you want. The groom tends to be overlooked a bit when it comes to weddings, it's often what the bride wants that is considered most important. If you don't want to wear a tux, don't.
  • An online dictionary describes a tuxedo as: 1. A man's dress jacket, usually black with satin or grosgrain lapels, worn for formal or semiformal occasions. Also called dinner jacket. 2. A complete outfit including this jacket, trousers usually with a silken stripe down the side, a bow tie, and often a cummerbund. Please, please please wear a suit instead. Satin bits are so John Candy, bless his soul - all you'd need to go with would be a huge stupid cummerbund, a frilly shirt and a pair of maracas. Tuxedos don't really exist outside the US (and some Spanish Flamenco dances) so that's why I had to go look for a definition. A three piece suit or even top hat and tails is much more usual in the wider (western) world.
  • Sure, it is your wedding.
  • i dont see why not

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