• parents are supposed to teach kids basic ethics and morals throughout their time with them. What gets taught at schools is a whole nother kettle of fish!
  • Early, I used to play games with my little girl and of course most of the time I let her win, once in awhile I let her lose too. Just to show her how it feels and to let her know it was alright not to WIN all the time. Same with cheating, they need to know very early that this hurts them, so you show them why. As for the homework questions it is wayyyyyyy out of control. We should show them how to get the answer, not give it to them!
  • I raised my son to know that cheating was never okay, from as early as he could understand the concept. I really didn't let him win at games. The kid won enough without my help! Cheating gets you nowhere. That being said, there are brilliant people who are not great test takers. I think our educational system should be set up to help different people learn in different ways. There are too many standardized tests, and they tell very little about a person's actual capacity to learn. Perhaps it is this very system that causes some people to cheat.
  • If it isn't taught in the home before the child enters school it's probably too late. Kids are pretty much formed at age 3 and at age 6 you've got a small, complete, human being there...the child absorbs what he sees in the home...not necessarily what he is told, but what he sees, hears, witnesses, figures out. If the parents brag about cheating on their taxes...if they lie about where they live to get their kid into a particular school...if they in every way indicate that being honest is unimportant, and being "clever" is better than anything, then the kid has no chance..long before he/she clicks onto AB the damage is done. :(
  • I always tell them to answer their own questions using their books, and school materials. They are provided in class and homework every fact that they need to know in order to finish their work. With the internet, kids can look up anything and find their own answers. But when morons on sites like this actually give the kids the answers, they learn nothing other than to get free handouts for nothing, and to pass their work on to others.
  • It's ok. They can cheat now, but they will get screwed in the future. I wonder how many tests they fail with the free answers and no experience.
  • I see nothing in the rules of AB that it is our job to teach kids that cheating is wrong. The homework category is not there so we can tell them what bad boys and girls they are. I always explain where they can find their answer, and give them some clues what words might work best in the search box. Not everybody comes to the computer automatically knowing how to use the search function.
  • My parents taught me at a very young age, as far back as I can remember, that cheating is wrong. They showed me how to do my homework, but they never did it for me. I refuse to answer questions that look like homework ones. I also try not to assume that everything that seems like a homework question actually is. I believe that kids think it's OK to post them here because there is a homework category. If they are stuck and need help, I have no problem with an ABer coming along and saying this is how you do it. . .I do not agree with handing kids answers though. It IS cheating to ask for and receive answers, there is no way around that. Great question.
  • True fact: my highschool geography teacher told students that you didn't have to cite things when you put it in your own words. My AP lit teacher and history teacher had a hell of a time *un*-teaching people that.

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