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  • It depends on the person. If it's yourself you're referring to, there are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself. Have you been away from your loved ones before? How long? Wherever you're going, will it be easy to contact the ones you love by phone, emails or letters? It's really all up to a person, and no answer can be concrete.
  • Like the other answer says, it depends a lot on you, where you're going, why you're going, and how close you are to your loved ones. For example, although I love my family very much, because I live in a different place, I regularly don't see them for six months or so at a time- I've never found this to particularly be a problem, as I have regular contact by phone and e-mail, and it means I can live and work and study in a place that I far prefer to anywhere closer to where my family live. You might feel a pressing need to go and work in another country for a charity you believe in, or go away to study in order to further your career. I think if your charity or your career is important to you, then yes, it will be hard being away from your loved ones, but ultimately that year is very little in the grand scheme of things, and it may open doors that you could never have dreamed of opening if you hadn't gone. If your reasons for going away are something that's important to you, then I think it will be difficult, but ultimately worthwhile. You also need to consider how much communication with them you will be able to have. In some situations (like mine) a phone call or e-mail can be simple and relatively inexpensive- being able to talk to people you love makes you feel less seperated from them. This is different from going somewhere the other side of the world where phonecalls will be expensive, or somewhere like a third world country where communications technology may not be what you're used to. If this is the case, think very carefully about whether you can deal with having little or no contact at all for a whole year- this can be very hard for some people. Ultimately I think you have to weigh up the sacrifice of the year apart versus the benefits you will gain by your year away- and make your decision based on which seems greater.
  • I think 1 day is "too long" to be away from my family. Come to think of it... 10 hours at work is "too long" to be away from home... The bottom line for me is "too long" for what? Too long for comfort? Yes, of course. Too long to remain a "loved one?" Never. I have a friend I could easily count as a "loved one" who has gone off to be a career missionary on another continent. I will still count him as one of my best friends even if I don't see him for several years. If one of my children moves far away he or she will remain one of my loved ones (as I foresee it) till death comes between us.
  • Humans are humans, throughout the world. and, love is the greatest gift God has bestowed on man. like the previous answer, even one hour is too long to be away from your loved ones. Its a shame, but many people do not know this kind of love. people in foreign countries and here at home, with the homeless. Military personnel, serving the united states in foreign countries, definetely believe one year is too long to be without your loved ones. Being away at college, is another example of having to leave your loved ones. cellphones and emails help to bridge the gap. I have to mention trust. being in love or married and being away from home, for a year, takes trust, respect, and being faithful. seperation has caused many couples to divorce, because of infidelity. If honest, true love exists, time will have no bearing. only the missing aspects of your family, husband, boy/girlfriend. Sometimes, love hurts. sometimes, love is a challenge. being away for a year is a challenge.
  • yes because you start to miss them
  • DEfinitely. You can miss a lot in that kind of time.
  • it always hurts to be away from your loved ones and family, but i think the longer your away from them, the closer you get, and then when you finially reunite, your as close as close can get.

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