• I doubt it, for pinning jihads on other muslims would be hard to do, as they all blow themselves up!
  • Not too sure, but unless ''tyranny'' is an evident element of the cult, then people who kill themselves because they were asked to do so won't be associated with much more then their sense of responsibility or psychological condition and what made them fall under the influence of the cult. Taking advantage of someone's weaknesses or ignorance really isn't a crime as much as it is a relation or basis for crime, in most cases, especially pedophiles and sex offenders. That doesn't mean the cult starters won't be stopped or taken in for evaluation though, and many times things like that might, through attempt, be related to oppression and tyranny, as was the case for that crazy Rock Thérieault guy. (Although nobody killed themselves then, but he wasn't the only one to blame for child neglect.) I'll stand corrected though, I'm really not too sure how it all works.

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