• Ever seen 2001: A space travesty? That was the premise behind the plot.
  • If there is, Dr. McCoy will be able to heal it with some of that cement he used to heal the Horta. See:
  • There's a high possibility that other beings exist on other worlds made of material that we don't even comprehend.
  • We use this material to make computer chips. I say why not. the universe is much larger than we can ever imagine. Anything really is possible.
  • You mean *silicon* (element #14) not *silicone* (an inert polymer made with both carbon and silicon atoms). Scientists have been speculating about silicon-based life forms since at least as far back as the 1950s. Silicon is no carbon, however, and is not capable of such a diversity of bonding patterns as carbon.
  • Sure, why not ? It's a possibility :)
  • Where do you think they make 'Silicone Breast Implants' ???
  • The big orange monster in Star Trek that ate people was silicon-based. If there was a planet with silicon-based life it would have to have a completely different atmosphere and stuff. Also, silicon is a larger, less easily formed molecule than carbon, so silicon-based life isn't quite as probable as carbon-based life.
  • That is quite possible, it is hard for us to say , definitely, what can and can not be in the universe, as we have only explored and discovered a tiny fraction of it. In time, we will have the answer, and it may be less believable than we want it to be... :)
  • physical life is carbon based. there could be life on this planet that is silicone based.
  • Good luck in your seach.
  • Sure - could be. In one way I have never understood why those that look for life other than what is known limits themselves to the known but yet I am not sure how anyone knows what to look for if life could be based on anything but the knowns. +5
  • I didn't know life could be based on tub and tile caulk.

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