• Why would you fight this desire, which is natural to all healthy humans? I don't understand the question.
  • Anonymous, now I understand. You want to crank down your level of physical desire so that you can make sensible choices about finding a partner. It is very hard to do that, but first off, stop thinking about it -- when you start obsessing on it, think about what kind of person you want your partner to be, and then figure out where that kind of person hangs out. And then go there! Or, if that seems too hard, try Yahoo Personals but be honest: "I'm so touch-starved I can hardly think straight, but when I can, I think how great it would be to meet someone who shares my interest in _______ and could introduce me to the new hobby of _______ or something else she really enjoys." Good luck!
  • Masterbating seems to help most people out ;)
  • You need to have enough other things of vital interest and importance to you in life that you naturally need to expend your energies on them rather than just thinking about affection/sex. For instance work, interests, helping others. Sounds like you don't have sufficient other things of importance going on in your life.

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