• I'd say if your own farts smell anything worse than roses to you you've got a gastrointestinal problem;)
  • Something must have crawled up your bum and died!
  • Your farts smell bad cos you've been constipated for ten years :P
  • come on man. how immature is that!
  • 7-14-2017 There are several things you can eat that affect digestion. When digestion is inadequate, the food rots in your gut and produces nasty smelling gas. For example, eggs contain sulfur, so poor digestion produces sulfide gases, which stink real bad. Yogurt contains bacteria which crowd out all other strains of bacteria, so if you eat it every day you do not produce farts at all. B vitamins stimulate muscles that squeeze the food through the pipes, so getting adequate B vitamins helps digestion. But B vitamins are also good food, so taking brewer's yeast, the most commonly used B vitamin supplement, produces a lot of gas before it can correct the problems that cause gas. Read some books about nutrition so you know stuff like this.

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