• yes! didn't make a good start to my day at all! :)
  • Of course! I have been upset like this many many times, but yet I still watch these films or read these books. BECAUSE THEY'RE SO GOOD!
  • Yes. I was emotionally traumatized when Sirius Black died in the Harry Potter novels. I still get sad sometimes when I think about it.
  • Yes, and I hate that. I do not like when entertainment makes me cry. It makes no sense that one of my favorite books has a character that dies, yet I still have reread it many times.
  • Often. I love to read and become 'involved' with the characters. so, i hate it when the die but i understand that fiction often includes tragedy - just as real life does.
  • Cool Hand Luke Shane Dumbledore Captain Kirk Boone and Shannon from Lost Leon Pru from Charmed many more...
    • mushroom
      Previous films ended with Captain Kirk on the bridge. "Generations" ended with a bridge on Kirk. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • Yeah , every time Kenny dies in South Park.
  • When i played a RPG called Suikoden 5. You play as a prince who goes into exile after his palace is overrun by assassins. A knight rescues you and tells you that your parents are dead. But you don't actually see how they died until later when it shows a flash back. You see your father and guards protecting your mother from the assassins, but then she invokes magical powers to help them. Then the magic takes over her mind and she starts going berserk- and kills your dad! Then it turns out the knight who rescued you is the one who killed your mother to stop her from destroying the whole country! It sounds chaotic, but the scene was very well animated with nice voice acting and very sad music.
  • Who wasn't touched a bit when Col. Blake died? Also, Nurse Laverne Roberts.
    • mushroom
      Edith Bunker.
  • Yes, the death of Zhaan in Farscape. Everything went blacker after she left. I couldn't believe that she wouldn't be in the series again. Then I found out that she couldn't stay because the makeup she had to wear was seriously affecting her health. But I still miss her! : ( : (
  • JT Yorke on degrassi....
  • When I was a kid, perhaps 8 or 9, I read (or rather, had it read aloud to me) a Danish book called The Song of the Sperm Whales (kaskelotternes sang, by Bent Haller), which is about a young sperm whale, whose mother gets killed by a whaling boat, which is described not as much graphically as extremely emotionally explicit. He flees, with a female friend at his own age. But she dies when they swim into an area in which chemical waste has been dumped. Again, very emotianlly explicit descriptions. I was probably more vulnerable to this story back then than I would be today, but I still think it's one of the saddest books I've ever read :(
  • When I was little, I read all the books I could get. SO MANY of the books for kids then were shameless about emotional manipulation. Books like Black Beauty, Little Women (death of Beth), Rose in Bloom (death of Charlie), etc. etc. can really rip a little kid up, and I got terribly upset.
  • Yes lots of them but Beth ,in "Good Wives" Louisa M Alcott, is the one that has made me cry every time since I was a child.
  • Of course, lots of them. The one that still makes me cry is Tylendel in The Last Herald-Mage by Mercedes Lackey. (I'm a bit of a romantic)
  • Many times, in books or movies, spoken stories.
  • Yes, in harry potter seven when Hedwig died, I bawled my eyes out!
  • Yeah, especially when Dr. Green died on ER. Surprising right?
  • The beauty of fiction is the character can be resurrected using many avenues, i.e. it was a dream, etc. + :o)
  • Countless times and it is always a sad moment to see a character that you have grown to know and love, get written off the show. That's why I like the show Heroes. Almost every episode or so a well know cast member dies. It's tragic but so are the circumstances that they are up against. It adds to the dramatic feeling when cast members perish.
  • yes...I cried my heart out when Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street died...and im a right crybaby when I watch films :-o
  • Yes ... Old Yeller was the first one that upset me as a child. Trinity from the Matrix trilogy was the most recent.
  • Aeris in Final Fantasy VII. I thought I had done something wrong earlier in the game and went back and replayed the game several times until I found out from a friend that she dies no matter what you do. Hope this helps.
  • Sure. A good novel or story/screenplay is one that gets you involved with characters.
  • yes, a lot of times... my family keep on laughing at me because i just can't help it... i just keep on crying... (watch p.s. i love you and you will understand what i mean... although i am not that sensitive but it really hurts)... ^_^
  • Rorschach

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