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  • Yes. While there *is* a lower sperm count in pre-cum, there's still enough in there to make someone pregnant. Naturally, because of the lower count, there's less of a likelihood. But the risk/possibility (depending on your view) exists. Hope this helps :D
  • Yes. Sperm do leak from the penis in precum. It only takes One sperm to fertilize one of your eggs. With over 40 million sperm inside your boyfriend, ONE is a very small number. It doesn't take much for one single sperm to make its way out through precum. There is likely not just one sperm in his precum! Once a single sperm is inside of you, it isn't difficult for a strong swimming sperm to find its way to your egg. It's the natural order of things. My 17 year old son is proof that the withdrawl method does not work.
  • me n my boyfriend were having sex and we stopped but were about to keep goin until he noticed a little bit of you think some got inside of me??
  • If you don't know the answer, you're way too young to be having sex. Go home. Stay home. You are grounded until the age of 18.
  • Let me make this simple for you. USE A DAMN CONDOM!!!!
  • :sigh: yes.
  • For the last time, yes!
  • There isn't much sperm in it but yes you can get pregnant by it. And if you are young person, you are more likely to get pregnant that way since being young means very fertile.
  • Yep, I have a 13yr. old who's living proof
  • You all have to admit I did answer her question. Accurately, if brusquely. OK, my rant was overwhelming and frightening. On purpose. I wanted to rub her nose in the possible consequences, which obviously she had not considered. Cupcake, I see you’ve changed your avatar picture and your email address. “Bastard” is a legal term, with fewer characters than “illegitimate.” I used it for shock value as well. I wanted to force her to question her own actions AND their consequences. And how do we know she is “in love” with him? I doubt she’s old enough to know. Marrying for sex”? Think about it, dear. Who would buy a cow if milk is free? CJ, I’m not trying to govern anyone. I never said I was against pre-marital sex, but I am against it for TEENAGERS, most of whom are as yet unable to sort out their own emotions, or to know the difference between “love” and “the hots for another kid.” And no teenager is legally ABLE to accept the consequences. They can’t vote, smoke a cigarette, have a drink, own property, or sign a contract. When I was young --- gods, so many decades ago --- over 85% of new brides were virgins. Premarital sex was socially unacceptable, even shameful. And notice this: there were far fewer divorces or broken homes --- about 75% fewer. PhillisN, thanks for being gentle with me. I’ll still respect you in the morning. Aside from my posts here and elsewhere, and even though Cupcake has said flat out that she hates me, I’m a pretty nice fellow. As for my judgmental posts, look again: I’m not judging people, but their actions. And I’m not always in a judgmental mode. Some of you may have noticed. I too had premarital sex, but at age 25, not 14. After I was a legally responsible adult. I had a grip on my hormones and my emotional responses to them. Cupcake, I’m not saying that you don’t, but it is quite rare that any teenager CAN. Still, my cousin married, at age 18 years and 3 months, the first and only boy she had ever dated. They’ve been married for 62 years. They are wildly exceptional. I hope that you are. There. That’s my rant for today.
  • Wow, such fireworks back and forth on a question 4 years old this month! YES, it's possible to get pregnant on pre-ejaculate. I looked up mariblair's profile and not only didn't see any personal information listed from which to draw any more conclusions, but she had ONLY posted this one question on July 4th, 2004 and NO OTHER ACTIVITIES LISTED SINCE THEN! Her last recorded activity date was July 8th, 2004. So, unfortunately it looks like we may never know what happened to mariblair or if any of the more recent information was of any use to her. Maybe it will help others who will read it, though. Not knowing anything else about her, including her age, then I am forced to come to the same conclusion as Sandman: that if she did not know, then she was ‘too young’. My opinion. Sex, premarital or not, is NOT a trivial thing. Not that I think any of the people who have posted here necessarily trivialize it, mind you. What I mean is that ANY act of sexual intercourse carries with it the risk of becoming pregnant. (Medical exceptions aside, here) This means that if BOTH parties are NOT willing to accept the ramifications of pregnancy, should it occur, then NEITHER of them have any business engaging in sexual intercourse. By all means, if people want to have sex then carry on! I can’t stop them if they really want to, no matter how I counsel them. And by all means, USE BIRTH CONTROL of some kind if pregnancy isn’t desired. But since the risk of pregnancy is still there, acceptance of intercourse is a defacto acceptance of the possibility of pregnancy. So the responsibilities inherent in becoming a parent are also there and CANNOT be ignored. Or maybe I should say SHOULD NOT be ignored, as it’s so painfully obvious that many do. Teenagers, especially those under the age of 18, are still under the supervision and responsibility of their adult guardians or parents. Wouldn’t it be kinda cool for them to finish enjoying their own childhood BEFORE becoming a parent and in turn obligating the next 20 years of their lives to raising another child? I have made my point in several other similar questions involving both pregnancy and abortion. You can look them up on my profile (I’ve REALLY got to keep a file of relevant short cuts) or if you're really interested, ask and I’ll find them and post as a comment. I really don’t want to deal with the issue of abortion in this string, though, as it’s not relevant to my point. As I said above, I really don’t know mariblair’s age, since she didn’t post it. But the bottom line holds true no matter WHAT the age is: If you are not willing to assume the responsibilities of becoming a parent, then you have no business engaging in sexual intercourse. Sandman, though you came across kinda rough you are right on the money. I’m just as adamant about the topic as you, it seems. I hope things worked out well for mariblair, whatever became of her.
  • yupm u sure can im proof im a month pregnant and we pulled out from the beginning of our relationship..use condoms dont be like me pregnant and alone!!
  • Yes, not as likely but it is possible.

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