• I was in my garden yesterday,turning over the dirt when my daughter told me look up in the sky. I saw two Hawks circling high above.Suddenly the couple swooped down and they each talened something on the edge of our property. Their flight was absolutely beautiful,until I saw what they had grabbed to feed on,they were tearing two baby bunnies apart and that was horrific. I know it is nature but still..
  • i've always thought the films I've seen of nuclear explosions has a sorta horrible beauty about them kitten
  • i am completely fascinated by nuclear detonations, i keep photographs of them, they are magnificent and horrifying at the same time...i am not personally horrified but many others are...i have photos from within milliseconds of detonation to the aftermath... awesome killer whales flaying a seal is stunning there are plenty of things in nature that are stunning to observe, tigers or lions making a kill, alligators, etc. it is all quite natural and fascinating
  • A gamma ray burst can destroy a planet from 100 light years (about 600 trillion miles) away but just look at this magnificent goddess of celestial fire:
  • A newborn baby is horribly beautifal

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