• Actually I am more of a rhythm and harmony sort of guy. But given the choice, I very rarely listen to lyrics so melody.
  • I love music, I would rather listen to music any day than watch TV, but I love both, music and melody, which ever seems to hit the note ( pardon the pun) with each individual song !!
  • It depends on the band.
  • depends but mostly i think the melody. I don't even know most the words
  • 9 songs out of 10, the melody.
  • Always the melodies.
  • for me its the whole package, the words are usually the least important, i like the beat, the overall sound
  • I focus more on the words as i've been known to pen a lyric or two myself (I'm the one who wrote "Give Me a Girl with a Gun")
  • The rhythm and beat ALWAYS attract me before the lyrics! Great lyrics are an added bonus.
  • Melody always. Even if the words are bad, if the melody is good, the song sounds good to me.
  • well at first the music will catch me and then if i like it, i will listen to the words and they are usually always good! but I listen to country, so i like alot of it!
  • usually both. but also quality of voice. i don't want some whiny metal, nor do i want some tone deaf serenade lol but i think honestly i'm more picky one words.
  • Rhythm and beat, then melody and words, melody and words usually don't matter, though.
  • For me it is the melody or instrumental part.
  • The sound most of the times, then melody, then words.
  • it depends... There are some songs I like only because of the lyrical content... But usually I like songs for the musical elements and production quality and sound..
  • its the words that do it for me, if the lyrics have a meaning for me then i love it
  • IT depends on the song. There are a lot of great lyrics, and they usually have good melodies too, or they wouldn't be memorable. But then there are the fun songs like "What I Like About You" by the Romantics, which I just love for the whole package, even though the words are not deep and meaningful
  • Depends. If I can HEAR the word easily, it will usually be them AND the music that I like. If I CAN'T hear them easily, the music can draw me in, and THEN I will spend time working out or looking up the words. I've actually dropped songs where I liked the melody, but didn't like the words. (I like to know the words so I can sing along, though it's been a while, and my voice sucks at this point.) Besides, as a songwriter, I like words AND melody! ;-)
  • its the melody that gets my attention, but the words that grab me
  • You are supposed to like music because of the melody, and poetry because of the words. But today, poetry is rather inexistent and music, in particular songs, omnipresent. There is a lot more music than just songs, and this music can be appreciated because of the melody, because of the harmony, or because of the rhythm. In many classical operas, the words were not so important, rather just a pretext. But in songwriters songs, the words are often essential, and the melody not so important. There are many songs that I like because of the melody, and where I don't even understand the words. By other songs, I concentrate on the words; those are more of the kind "sung poetry" or "sung message" and the music for itself must not be very interesting. For some other songs, I find both components interesting, and both give me a reason to like the song.
  • the music grabs me, rather than the words, usually. but sometimes it's the words. fleetwood mac for example, for the most part their words are less than spectacular but their music and vocal harmonies carry them to greatness
  • The melody, I could listen to the lamest lyrics as long as the music was good.

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