• Simply will never happen. When we find the 'cure' to various diseases and illnesses more will just pop up. Viruses mutate and change, and there will always be *new* illnesses.
  • Overpopulation means not enough food. We will be forced to accept genetically altered foods and radiation preserved foods. This will give us more prolific plants which will yield more and prevent waste by preserving food longer. Some will starve, however, some are starving now in some third world countries. I don't think we will be expected to die sooner. I have read some science fiction in which the people were allowed to live only through their most productive years and were forced to die between 60 and 65 because they were no longer useful enough to contribute to society fully.
  • If you really read your question well enough, how do we know that they haven't already? They could have, but say "Population money...
  • global warming will expose new viruses that we don't have cures for yet. Hopefully birth rate will slow down too.
  • I agree with this 100%... except if it directly affects me. See, that's the problem. We think we're too important. Natural selection would actually make it beneficial for us to die from diseases, especially ones that have genetic origins. If everyone who had cancer died from it, eventually we might evolve to be immune to cancer. If everyone who contracted polio died from it, instead of Salk creating the vaccine, I believe eventually the disease would have become extinct of its own accord (after wiping out a large chunk of humanity). I think technology, especially medical technology, is part of the problem as to why the earth is polluted, overpopulated, and can no longer withstand the excesses of humanity. Medical technology is something I feel very conflicted about. Overall, I believe what I just said about evolution, but if I had a child that was dying of some disease, you damn well better believe I'd exhaust every medical possibility to extend his life and well-being.
  • I feel that God has a great plan to bring back the dead and restore them to the earth. If you make all the unpopulated areas inhabitable... then this would not be an issue. Man was meant to live forever but I wouldn't worry about any cure for disease and death that doesn't come from God's hands.
  • If we find a way to live forever and not die of overpopulation, who cares? I, for one, don't like death.
  • It's really not as simple as that. While you could argue there are too many very old people, we're mostly talking about productive people in developed nations irrelevant to overpopulation. There will be reason to save them but not as much reason to let them die. The real reason for overpopulation is that mortality rates have dramaticly dropped while birth rates have not. The real solution is family planning, to prevent large families in poverty. It's about helping people have fewer children and have them later so they will have more to give them.
  • We'll discover another disease that'll kill a whole lot more people just like AIDS, etc.
  • Please go outside and take a big deep breath of fresh air. Enjoy your life in the now.Stop worrying about things that you have no control over. I took a walk in the woods this morning and heard the "chick a dees" singing to me. My dog ran and played and rolled in the snow and had fun. Its the now that matters.Tomorrow will take care of itself tomorrow!Tend to yourself and yours!We will die when we are ready,no sense worrying too early!Please enjoy the time you have.
  • Well, if all that happens, there will be laws limiting how many children a couple can have. Also, it might be kind of like Logan's Run in the future. People might be forced to die at a certain age (if they lose a lottery or something). But, it's possible there might be a second Earth too.
  • I believe they have already discovered cures for cancer and aids and probably many other diseases. There is more money to be made in treating than in curring diseases.
  • The Earth is not overpopulated. The 6 or so billion people currently on this planet could stand in the State of Maryland in thier own 6' x 6' box enabling them to outstretch thier arms and turn around never touching another person. There's also a little room left over, enough for over 2 billion more by the way.
  • First of all the Earth is not overpopulated. Secondly there's a hayflick limit on the replication of DNA. And as Plato said "It is only the dead who have seen the end of War." There will always be War until the return of Christ. Not to mention murder and suicide,two other big killers.
  • If technology finds the cure to those diseases it will probably find ways to make dinner into a couple of pills. Maybe a protein pill, carbohydrate pill and a vegetable pill. Technology isnt only concentrating on medicine cure alls.

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