• I'd tell him/her to go talk to Billy Pilgrim, and they'd probably try to go find him! hahaha
  • I'd ring the men in white coats and get them to take him back to the hospital.
  • Part of me would be thinking he was joshing and the other part that is smart enough to know I don't know everything would wonder. Both me's would respectfully pay attention on the surface and try to keep the snickering me at bay.
  • I'd be fascinated.
  • I'll listen. Might be an interesting story. Then I'd ask if she had been drinking.
  • I listened intently and kept my eye on all nearby sharp objects.
  • I would listen. You just never know.
  • You better listen,it might be true,anyway maybe they'll listen to you some day.
  • Is this a test to see if you're the right material for hiring to reverse build one of those things?
  • After reading Communion I believe in that somewhat. I would still be skeptical, but, I would listen and be interested in what they had to say, I'm sure. I wouldn't just discard what they had to say or joke about it or anything.
  • I always listen to my friends with great interest. My friends know they have a friend who will never judge them or turn them away.
  • I would listen. Whether I believed it or not is unimportant, but listening to your friend is very important. I do not automatically discount a person's possible experiences simply because I haven't experienced them.
  • I would think either they were telling the truth or were seriously crazy.If they showed me the evidence then I probably would believe them.
  • I would take it very seriously because if they chose to tell you, it really shows how much they trust you and confide in you. I would not laugh at them, tell them they're crazy, or tell them to shut up. I would not assume something is false without even hearing it. I am actually one of those people who has confided in a friend.
  • I would listen as I always do with my friends. But I would not be quick to point he/she out as a crazy person as this universe and space is full of endless possibilities with plenty of other races and creatures. Anyone who believes its just us in this whole wide space needs further knowledge.
  • i would listen. they are my friend after all. when the conversation had finished i might make a joke and ask how Pedro or Juan are doing though. (the illegal kind of alien, ya know?)
  • first i'd ask them if they had been probed in the anus, then i'd laugh coz i said anus! lol :)
  • I'd quickly look about and see how much booze had consumed...then I would lean in closer just to see if my friend mighta had alittle too much blunt. Smokes wo me, the bastard! ;) jk I listen to my friend regardless of what comes out of his/her mouth...but I'd also pay attention to whether they were serious or not. Sometimes you can tell when someone is distressed about a situation so thats what I'd be looking for.
  • Missing Ruby Doomsday on a Thursday, not a Tuesday. When you change with every new day, still I'm gonna miss you. Will you be back in the winter, when you're snowed in?
  • I can't answer such a question. None of my close friends are nutty enough to believe such horse crap as that. If someone told me such stuff seriously, I'd call a psychiatrist.
  • i would be curious to see what they had to say

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