• Honestly...I can live without everything except the internet. I just have to have that sometime..not all the survive. :)
  • Yes, but it would be a TOUGH transition!
  • I've done without these things for weeks at a time on a fairly regular basis, it's not hard.
  • no never how can anyone live if there were none of these things life would be living in hell!!!!! sorry but i have to say i love these things and i cannot live with-out them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, hang out w/ girlfriend by cooking or going out to eat and do some artwork.
  • Be with a gorgeous blonde animal lover :0)
  • Yeah, I'd head over to the skate shop, round up a crew and hit some spots. Road trip, maybe, to a park. Get some skatin' in.
  • and this is different than any other day how?haha I would have to be camping out for this to occur,roughing it in the open wilderness with more sites to see then I can handle in one day,,imagine being out in the wilds for a week,,it sounds good right now.
  • Yeah, it's called a vacation. Love TV, but can do without it. Don't really listen to the radio. Don't own a cell phone. Could also do without the computer. I've vacationed numerous times with no contact.
  • sure, go fishing or clean upmy yard,clean the house try to brush the cat if she lets me..
  • Harder to live without the internet.A vast majoraty of things are offered online as opposed to those basic entertainment functions.Also,EVERYTHING is online these days,not like years ago,when it was telephone and neighbor,you know?*+++++*
  • Internet..
  • 5-7-2017 As a matter of fact I grew up without any of those things. We also had all retail stores on a street named Main Street, and they all closed at 5:00 or 6:00 PM. We had radios, but the stations all shut down at midnight, after playing the national anthem. Television was something we heard about, but they only had them in big cities. It took a long time for people to figure out how to do tv shows well, and it took too much effort, so that's why you have what you have today.
  • Life without everything that makes life worth living? No thank you!
  • Yes, because my first 12 years of life I had none of those named except radio. I am glad we have them today though. I might make an exception where cell phones are concerned with all those making driving a hazard.
  • In your list I only have Cell Phone use at home. Internet is at work.
  • Yes. It's called "living a wholesome life, instead of being a robot"
  • Oh Yes and far more in tune with nature and natural cycles and rhythms.
  • Not only can I imagine it, I've lived it!
  • Wellllllllll, I'm 75 & when I grew up in the 1940's and 1950's, all people had in their homes was a radio, phonograph (record player) and that was it!! then when TV came along.......holy crap!! free entertainment!!! so many of us still around today have lived without all this 'stuff'.......but I must say I'd miss it terribly if it were to go away or whatever!!! I can remember going into the house and running to answer the phone before it stopped in, having a smartphone at your fingertips and answering the thing right then and there!!!)

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