• -they started pulling my things from my luggage - right there in public view - dirty clothes and all! I was a bit embarrassed. I felt that if I were to make a big deal out of it, then a cavity search would be the next step. Needless to say, I thanked them and went on my merry little way.
  • YES! OMG.. Thanksgiving last year. They pulled us aside. My son was 4 and my daughter was 5 months old. The took everything out of everything.. even credit cards out of my wallet. They searched my son up and down and he started crying. Then they emptied the water I had in my daughters baby bottles even though I told them I had no way to mix it without the water. They then told me to buy water at a gift shop. They took her diaper rash cream, teething gel, everything. I was LIVID!!
  • Glad that they're paying attention to their jobs;)
  • Yes, i fly alot and it happens. When it's a random thorough check it doesn't bother me, but once in the US i was checked thoroughly because of my italian passport and that bothered me quite a bit, it seemed ignorant racism.
  • Yes, glad to be searched so thoroughly..hope they spend as much time with everyone else..and I worked there....
  • No but once when driving back across from Mexico into Elpaso Texas, I was strip searched and had my car torn apart by the border patrol so that is close to the same thing.
  • Not at an airport but at the courthouse here you get searched. I usually act like I forgot something and go back out, I come back in and get searched again.... hows it make me feel? ;) ;) ;)
  • I have, and it made me feel great. Not even my military orders got me through without getting searched.
  • Very politely but yes, thank God they do that it is for our own safety and well being. I did not feel anything special only grateful they take care of us.
  • No . . . I was just pulled aside to have my shoes checked.
  • Yes, when I arrived in Edmonton, Canada in 2002. Annoyed me because it took about an hour while being interrogated and having all of my luggage searched.
  • Yes..on our way to visit my son when he lived in, Jim and I are what one would call "older"..we don't travel much..if you've ever been to the airport in Denver it is a crazy, confusing place. We weren't exactly sure what to put in the tray, how to package our "liquids" and didn't realize the "take-off-the-shoes" thingy..apparently Jim didn't remove his shoes quickly we got pulled aside while they dealt with whatever potential threat "they" thought existed with him/us...honestly, it was a bit aggravating at the time and maybe "funny" now..but fortunately my son moved to Honolulu so we will never ever have to go to Denver again! :)
  • All the time. My last job I always had one way tickets cause I didn't know when Id be coming back. That always sent a red flag and I was searched. The more patient I was about it, the quicker it went. Never was upset about it.
  • Yes. I felt they were doing their job after 9/11/01 Those underwire bras will do it everytime.
  • I work for TSA myself and a few times I myself have had to go through secondary screening when I accidently alarmed twice, and this is while working! It's so damn embarrassing to have to go through that while in uniform by a coworker, bothersome too as I have a lot of little metal things on me. Strange but true we ourselves get screened several times throughout our shift and on rare occasions double alarm.
  • As if I have been searched. What's the big deal?
  • nope never happens I show my military ID going through and don't ever have any problems
  • I was a little worried as I suddenly remembered that I had my compass in my bag from drafting and that was what they were pointing at on the screen and it has a huge steel spike on the end of it. Afterwards though I felt a little uncertain on the effectiveness of the TSA as they could never find it inside of the compartments of my bag and just sorta shoo'd me along when people standing in line started mumbling.
  • Yes I have... just wondered how long they would take! BUT another trip they pulled my 9year old son aside... Gee wonder why they picked him over the 6 yr old.
  • Nothing more than a spot-check of my shoes a couple of times. I've got the kind of face and body nobody would want to search in detail (think Hurley from "Lost", only without the long hair and beard)...
  • It's really embarrassing, while my other friends watching and I have to go into the damn searching like a real looser.
  • I got my carry on and purse searched in Manchester, UK. But i wasnt mad, it was full of shirts and underwear. I did WAY too much shopping in England. Couldnt fit it all in my suitcases u.u

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