• Good question, too bad I was never any good at geometry. I would assume they wouldnt all be even...I dunno.
  • You slice it into 8 slices and call it "low calorie".
  • Cut it into six pieces and scrape off the frosting onto a separate plate?
  • Take a measuring tape, measure the circumference, divide that by 7 and start slicing. These serving sizes are determined by whatever agency in your country has the responsibility to monitor the 'Nutritional Information' labelling on packaged foods. Standard servings for sweets and desserts tend to be rather smaller than you might think - cookies generally have a serving size of about 100-125 calories, even though some cookies might be larger than that for one cookie (you would have to cut the cookie into pieces.) Rather than change their cake size, the bakery would just adjust the serving size to comply with the packaging. Think of a can of soup - the serving size is 125 ml, about half a cup - but the can is 284 ml, mixed with an equal amount of fluid, makes 568 ml, which does not divide evenly into 125 ml.
  • Make it a dount cake!:) Or cheat and cut six, I won't tell!!!!!!!!lol
  • I'd do 8 pieces and save the last one for later!
  • measure the circumference of the cake divide by 7 placing a mark on the outer edge the distant of your divided number. Find the center of the cake. using a knife and starting from the center cut a radius line to each mark around the edge. or something like that.
  • HUH? I'd ignore THAT bit of stupidity for sure!!! just cut it the way you want........I always cut cake by cutting down the center, then cutting pieces off that.....MUCH nicer pieces than the stupid 'triangle' pieces!!! and you can get as many slices as you want. on a related note, I bought a muffin that said a 'serving' was 1/2 a muffin!!! I emailed them and asked did they really think someone would eat just half? you'll never guess what they said.........that the USDA sets those standards.GOOD GRIEF........but it was kinda funny anyway!!!! so cut the cake DOWN THE CENTER, THEN EACH PIECE OFF OF THAT..........youll get a nicer looking bunch of slices!!!! enjoy!! OH why don't you email them and ask them where the HELL do they get seven servings?? I'm sure the answer will amuse you!!! LOL :-D

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