• I think you should stay out of his business. After all, who he's sleeping with is not job-related. Earn your promotions yourself instead of profiting from someone else's mistakes. While you could get more money, actions - like ratting someone out - have a way of backfiring in spades.
  • I'd suggest no. Just because whenever you rat on someone something comes back 10 fold on you. Let him dig his own grave. No one can do wrong and get away with it forever.
  • Is it better if you screw up his wife's life more hugely by not?
  • I say "NO" also. I know the money would be nice, but there will be a trickle-down effect to many people, and it could devastate some peoples lives. Stay out of it.
  • Cheaters always get caught. Didn't you learn anything from politics? Wait your time, earn your spot. If you get it through sabotage then you too could loose it the same way.
  • I wouldn't it sounds like his life is already screwed up and you'll probably get his job anyway. You shouldn't tell for personal gain. The only down side is that by not telling the wife she is unaware of his cheating.... or is she? Is she cheating herself? There's alot you don't know about him and her. I'd mind my own business and wait for the new job. The last thing you need is enemies.
  • none of your business...full stop! and if you do this ..'what comes around goes around' and no one like a snitch and people will find out what you did and how do you think your co-workers will take it ...not very well at all and you will be despised and not trusted at may get the wage and position rise ...but you will be a lepper
  • Tell then you become a cheater...cheating u'r way to his current job position.
  • Absolutely not. Live by the sword, die by the sword, know what I mean? These things always come back to haunt you (as they should). And besides, you'll have a reputation as being meddlesome and untrustworthy. It's not worth it.
  • Not your business, but potentially an advantage to you. I'd suggest you find someway to let the boss know-without revealing it's you telling. You do NOT want to become the office snitch, but you do want that job. An anonymous tip may be the best way.
  • You should not tell on him for personal gain. That is wrong. If you do anything, it should be to advise him to get his life in order. I don't know if he has kids, but if he does, this will wreck their lives and they are more important than a tumble in bed. Keeping his job is important for their stability. If he does not listen, then that is his problem, and he will be caught out. But don't let that be your doing, unless people at work are being endangered by it somehow. If so, speak to your boss.
  • Don't be silly. It will come back to haunt you if you do.
  • Well, is he your friend? If not, shit, go ahead; it's a dog-eat dog world out there. And I wouldn't feel too bad for him anyway; bastard had it coming, cheating on his wife like that.
  • First of all, you should talk to him personally. If he screws your input, then you should expose him, but to the fewest number of people possible. If, in turn , his life is ruined then that's just consequences for cheating in the firstplace. But if you do it just to get his job,.....well, first of all, it's not guarenteed that you'll get his job, but also, it makes you as bad a person as him, in my eyes.
  • usually when something that can come up good for you usually has a bad side to it so think about what you wanna do
  • That's not the way to get ahead, and I think you know it or you wouldn't be asking. Mind your own buiness and move up the latter on your OWN merits.
  • he messing around with someone at work. I would tell. Personal gain is awesome.
  • no thats would make you just as bad as him.
  • If you tell on me.......I can promise you that I'll bring you down with me.
  • I would say no...but if he does something to personally affect your job security, makes you a scapegoat for one of his mistakes or messes with your sacred 3 (paycheck, vacation time and food/personal property), then let him get what he's got coming to him!

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