• My ex had two repo'd. It took about 3 months of non payments.
  • Depends on the financing company. One person I know missed one payment (was, literally, in the mail on the due date) and the company repo'd. I couldn't believe it. Other financing companies will let you go much longer in hopes that you'll catch up. Most don't really want to repo, but this company did for some reason.
  • for me it was missing payment #3
  • I missed four payments. I called before I even missed one and they wouldn't take the car back.
  • If you have your auto financed with Regions Bank they will repo your auto if you are 30 days late. A bank or finance company has the right to repo an auto once the payment is 1 or more days late.
  • the normal time frame is after 30 to 90 days.
  • If you file bankruptcy chapter 7 and didnt include your car company but they received a letter stating you filed bankruptcy can they still repo your vehicle.
  • Carmax will come get it after 4 mos.
  • It depends on the wording of the contract you signed in the beginning. Some "tote the note lots" do not have any mercy and repo if one payment is even late. Generally, a bank or finance company, will give you two missed payments. They had rather you pay for the car, rather than pay the expensives of reposession.

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