• In New Jersey it is illegal to pump our own gas... so it is impossible to do that.
  • No I go to a garage that pumps the gas for you.
  • No, that would be stealing.
  • Nope. I know right from wrong and I'm not a thief.
  • Of course not! I used to work (many many years ago) at a gas station and that happened to me twice. The first time, the guys had a car with the license plate covering the gas opening. They left the plate down as they sped off so I couldn't get the plate number. The second time was an accident, the guy just forgot to pay and he came back 30 minutes later (after I'd contacted the police) and he was quite embarassed.
  • I normally pump first then go in and pay later for the gas.When I was at a stupid gas station that made me pay first,I drove away without pumping the gas and was way too far away to go back and get the gas I paid for.So I was out the money I paid and without the gas.I don't care for the pay first then pump gas policy of some gas stations.
  • Nope because I don't steal. :)
  • No I never have. That would be stealing. Can't say I haven't had the thought cross my mind when the Price gets up to $60 and still going. But I could never drive away w/o paying.
  • I used to hangout at a gas station when I was young. I would never attempt to steal gas and drive away because the station owner called the cops when someone would do this and the thieves were usually caught.
  • I dont know if its like this everywhere else, but in SC-about 99% of the gas stations here make u pay before u pump, so its immpossible to drive off! Ive had to pay before i pump every single time for like the last 5 years, when gas prices started going crazy!!! I dont think i would do it though, maybe unless i got real brave, didnt have any money and was a while from home!
  • NO. That would be illegal, immoral and unethical.
  • No, but I bailed out a "bro" at two AM when HE did. It ruined his whole day. Matter of fact, it ruined his whole month... maybe his whole year. I forget whether that got him a felony conviction or not. If it did, it means he'll never be able to vote or own a gun again in his life.
  • I did that once by accident, but when I realized I went back and paid up. They were so busy, they had not figured it out yet. But thanked me for coming back. The reason I forgot, was the same reason they were so busy. I was going to move away from the pump, so the next person in line could move in, and well when I moved, I never stopped and just drove out.
  • Nope. Never stole a thing in my life. Never assumed somthing was mine, neither. Well, maybe at two, but not now.

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