• Six cm?! As in centimeters? You do realize that is over an inch and a half? That would not be passed at all without rupturing the urinary tract and NO doctor would allow one of that size to be passed. Edit: Answer has been revised. It would be EXTREMELY painful and most doctors would attempt to break apart the stone before passing it.
  • 6cm is impossible. They are usually smaller than 2mm. It would CERTAINLY kill you.
  • usually 5mm is the max, then they will go in and take it out (there are a few different techniques) My BF has been in and out of the hospital for the past year due to them getting stuck in the ureter and they were smaller than 5mm
  • oh! wow... am I glad you changed this. 6 cm would have been like giving birth to a hippo! 6 mm is going to hurt a lot -- I've never heard of it being done. You should really have it broken up. I am sending happy and painless thoughts your way -- best wishes!
  • Extremely painful, impossible, excruciating.
  • 6mm, that is quite sizable. Let us know how it goes so we can answer this question in the future... Best of luck!
  • Ouch! If you do that, you are a MAN!
  • Tell him to drink a six pack of beer, it will cure him.
  • A friend passed a 7mm stone by drinking a six pack of coca cola. 1 cup of coca cola every half an hour until you finish the coke. It passed within 2 days.
  • kidney stones up to 5 mm have an 80% chance of passing spontaneously. We say that below 8 mm, they still have a chance of passing spontaneously, and above one cm it should be managed with short wave lithotripsy or removed surgically. passing a kidney stone is quite painfull, yes. Doctors will give painkiller that also will decrease inflammation, and open a bit the ureter, giving more place for the stone to pass.
  • In the last year I have tried to pass 5 stones, all of those were under 5 mm and still had to have them surgically removed as they got stuck in the Uretha, I had one large stone left which I had lithotripsy on 10 days ago, this one broke in to 2 one 4.5 mm the other 5 mm, I have been at home 5 days now wating for these to pass, they have dropped in to the sign yet but also not much pain as yet, The pain when it does start almost makes me faint, it is unbearable and have had to be hospitalised every time...good luck
  • About at painful as dropping a 25 lb weight on your toe, stabbing yourself and turning the knife and then standing in front of a truck. Painful doesn't begin to describe it. Just kill me and get it over with. Why wouldn't you want pain relief?! Last time, I waited til the last moment possible (finances were not good and I thought I could wait a little longer), I was in so much pain I couldn't think straight and ended up in the hospital. That will not happen again - at the first pain I will be in the Doctors office.
  • is a 8 mm kidney stone passable? I am 32 yr old female and this is my first stone.

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