• so you can make fly waffles. they are very yummy you know. edit the real reason is so they will not slow down when swatting at a fly because those little buggers are fast.
  • If you try hitting a fly with a rolled-up newspaper, or something without the tiny holes, air doesn't pass through it, so the fly can feel the air current change and buzz out of the way. The holes ion a fly swatter reduce air resistance so you can swing faster, and it doesn't press a current towards the fly, so he can't feel it coming... WHAP!
  • If they're the ones with the largest holes, it to give the fly a fighting chance! LOL
  • so you can squeeze the juice out they make good drinks you know plus you dont have to pick your teeth clean after
  • For greater swat velocity.
  • It decreases the wind velocity drag while also increasing the vocal range of the person who's about to get the sh.t swatted out of them. Also if swatted on any unprotected epidermis regions it will make for some cool patterns.
  • The finer and more the holes the better and faster the swatting power.

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