• That would be BGen. (though he was a Col. at the time of discovery) Jack O'Neill.
  • It wasn't Jack. The person who discovered the Ancient Gene was Dr Carson Beckett. Source: Stargate Atlantis - Rising.
  • hello!! dr. beckett! jack couldn't discover something if it was stuck up his ass (no offense, because i do like him, he's just... a warrior) not to mention jack used the gene a lot and beckett complained loudly, in that sexy accent of his, every time he had to control the drone chair. oh, and you need a question mark, love.
  • This is very contrversial but Jack O'Neill WAS the first to use the A.T.A gene As shown in season2 ep37 "The Fifth Race" Jack is told by the Asgard that he is special because of his gene ability and then again in season 7 eps 153 &154 Lost City when yet again he uses the A.T.A gene And then John Shepherd is found to have the gene too Then weskip to Stargate Atlantis when in Ep1 rising it is Dr carson becket who is "supposed" to find the gene but what he finds is that the gene can be synthasised but is scared off using the abilities it gives him ie using the chair he sends a drone off course by panicking!!!!! People tend to forget that Jack was actually a VERY clever person who just at times acted very dumb usually when Carter goes into too much detail lol

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