• I doubt you can, for you are still legally a minor, so you should wait until you are 18.
  • In Missouri an individual can move and live anywhere they want once they reach age 17. A parent is legally required to provide a home for them until 18, but they cannot stop a child who is 17 from leaving. The police will not do anything, I know from personal experience.
  • Whatever the problems maybe they will always be your parent. Talk to them--I am sure they are ready for you to grow and be on your own. Not just up and leave.
  • technically no u can not, but in actuality it depends on how much ur parents would push to get u back when u move. i live in mo, and i may not have a legal degree but i have personal experience. i attempted to move out at 16, i was gone for 1 week before my parents even realized but when they did they called the town police the sheriffs office dfs and the local juvenile office until they got some one to come get me, i spent a few days in juvi and then i was taken back to my parents. however my bf at the time now my husband was 17 and moved out this mother called the police and his father contacted the prosecuting attorney he was able to move with no problem. as for moving to your friends if ur parents do push to get u back your friend can go to jail for allowing u to stay there knowing u are not 18 and still letting you be honest if i could do it again i would have just waited. so my advice is to just wait the year
  • In MO the age of majority is 18. (age of majority= adult) However because of a law that states at 17 in a court of law you would be tried as an adult, most police will not do anything to stop a 17 yr old from running away. - - If I were a parent in that position I would threaten to sue the police department for not doing their job.
  • To be sure, I'd call the local "legal aid" folks. Good luck, guy! ;-)
  • you can try getting emancipated
  • you might need their permission unless you want to get emancipated

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