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  • You may give up on romance, but please! Never give up on love...
  • You can't ever give up on love because you love who you love, you can't just flip a switch. Like you can't control who you are attracted to. It's something deep down in you that controls that and isn't something you can control. You can only try not to become as attached to people as quickly. Being put up mental walls so it is hard for people to get into to close so they don't get their heart broken. But you can't stop loving. If someone is really special then they will get threw that wall and into your heart.
  • You can't ever give up on love. It's the one most important and amazing thing in life. Funnily enough, it's often at the very moment that you are about to give up on it that loves finds you again! The best thing to do is protect yourself a little more from falling head first and make sure you take you're time when you meet someone new!
  • I gave up after 4. I'm tired of being used and stolen from. Overlooked by women. They want abuse let them be abused I don't care anymore, these days who needs them. You want sex go to the bunny ranch. At least they don't string you along and manipulate you.

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