• You can't because broken hearts are for assholes.
  • probably by thinking about something else
  • Alcohol. Lots of alcohol.
  • Date someone better looking than your ex!
  • i would probably just not think about them since theyre not thinking about you
  • Getting over someone else.
    • Linda Joy
      Or under them? ?
    • Azlotto
      Hehe..That too.
  • Prayer is best to handle one.
  • Visit a heart doctor!
    • Linda Joy
      A single one?
  • By realising that the broken heart is fate's way of telling you to discipline yourself and keep both eyes open when in your next relationship. You have to be pretty naive to be broken hearted many times... or have terrible taste in relationships.
    • Linda Joy
      My man picker is irreparably broken I should know better than to even try by now.
  • Try to think of other things and find distractions. You will of course keep having to come back to it when that old feeling keeps building up in you again. But keep doing it, again and again, and with time things will get better and better. However, sometimes, if it's really serious, it could take years, or even leave its mark on you forever. P;S. This is my first answer on this site. Only came on it just now.
    • Linda Joy
      keep up the good answers!
  • to see/to be the greater resultant beauty in the open mend. Japanese Kintsugi And a deeper exploration:
  • Great question. Some people maybe never can. Personally, I just take all of my negative emotions and tuck them into my spleen. Then, one day, my spleen feels like it's going to rupture and I have to let them all out for a while. Then I can repeat the cycle. It's all quite unhealthy and I can't recommend it, but it's the closest I have to anything that works.
  • I think with support from family, friends who ever you feel okay talking to and if needed professional counseling. That's what worked for me. Huggzzz

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