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  • She can tell because her nipples feel like they are going to pop out of her chest, her clit has extended out 3 inches , and fluid is ooozing out and soaking her partners pubic mound.
  • Well her internal muscles usually clench and the facial expression is a big hint, but then again she could very well be faking it, kegels
  • From experience with ourselves or with our partners. With someone I am used to and have adjusted to I know that if we both do certain things I am going to get there and when and even approximately how many times. With someone new or relatively new its more - I don't know but I am waiting to feel good enough that if he keeps on like that steadily for long enough I will get there. There is a certain rhythm that sort of "clicks" in for me and starts it going and then I am feeding that feeling by fantasizing and visualizing and thinking sexy thoughts to make me hotter. So often I will slow them way down to get that rhythm but sometimes who they are and what they do just takes hold of me and like carries me along so doesn't take me as long. But I feel my coming orgasm out there and it becoming closer and closer to happening which it mostly does though exactly when is not always the same until I am on the edge and clenched and then go over. But mostly does take some 15 or 20 minutes with my partner being slow and steady. Then if they keep going they come closer together and often stronger and don't take as long.

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