• They won't effect you in your physical activities. Your mouth may become sore when they are initially put on, or when they are tightened however. The soreness will go away within a few days. Think of the end result! :)
  • I have them and for me they only hurt when i get a new wire. As far as i know, they won;t hurt if you work out, unless you clench your teeth alot, or do Tongue-Ups. Be very wary of rubberbands!!!!!! OOOWWW
  • When I got braces, they hurt a lot for the first three or four days. I couldn't eat anything but ice cream and soup. after that they are usually okay and not painful, except for the off day where a tooth would be moving more than normal. and they also hurt after they get tightened by your orthodontist, which is usually once every month or so, but they only hurt for about a day. I also have some trouble with playing the French Horn with braces, but that directly involves the mouth, exercising shouldn't be a problem.
  • they hurt when you first get them...then you'll be fine... they don't ruin your exercise routine or anything
  • No they won't

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