• Nothing "cures" it, it just takes time for the flesh to heal. You best bet for relief while you are waiting is aloe, though.
  • a warm shower will help take the burn out then aloe try an use pertection next time your out'
  • hot shower then some noxema not sure of the spelling but it always worked for me. I have been so sunburnt so many times they don't hurt anymore.
  • Take a hot shower, which opens your pores and releases some of the heat. Then apply aloe, either from the plant directly, or from a gel made from it.
  • Follow these steps for curing sunburn fastest. • Rinse with the cold water and ice it up • Apply some moisturizer. • Relax your regular skincare routine. • Take anti-inflammatory • Apply an aloe vera gel • Drink plenty of water. • Add baking soda in cold water and take a bath. • Apply yogurt. • Apply honey You should always wear a good sunscreen. Apply a good sunscreen for preventing sun tan. I can suggest you a good sunscreen called Jacket sunscreen. With SPF 50, it prevents sun damages.
  • As others have said there's no cure for sunburn you already have. I use white vinegar on a severe burn and its a trick I learned in Florida one summer.
  • maybe noxema

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