• Scotland - the kilt and bagpipes Ireland - St Patrick's Day France - champagne Spain - bullfighting Italy - pasta Germany - the automobile England - passenger railways
  • Mainz: Book printing (Gutenberg) China: Paper money Vienna: Sacher tart Naples: Pizza Rovaniemi: Santa Claus Pittsburgh: Andy Warhol Sweden: Smorgasbord
  • la= gang violence ny= delis sf= sourdough bread london= fog paris= eiffel tower (when are they going to finish it anyway?) portland= cement vacaville= the name means cow town.
  • St Andrews: Golf . . . . Only one that I can think of that hasn't been mentioned!
  • India - Yoga India - Buddha China - Kung Fu China - Gunpowder China - Crossbow Rome - Catholicism California - Apple Computers
  • Nice, France - a great salad Agra, India - Taj Mahal Egypt - Pyramids Las Vegas - neon lights New York City - Times Square Hawaii - surfing Idaho - potatoes Vancouver Island - Butchart Gardens
  • France gave the world the poodle Germany, the Doberman Canada gave us Labrador retrievers. Scotland made the Scottish terrier China made the Shih Tzu From the Basque region of Spain and France comes the Great Pyrennees From the Swiss comes the St. Bernard
  • Sydney: The Sydney Opera House Las Vegas: Gambling and Buffets Louisville: The Kentucky Derby Paris: The Eiffel Tower Orlando: Disney World Germany: The Autobahn China: The Great Wall

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