• Nah, you aren't racist, and don't let anyone say you are. It is fine to like certain kinds of women.
  • Sure its normal, everyone likes specific things, and no, your not racist, its not that you don't like other races or think down of them (atleast I hope not), your just not attracted to them.
  • I wouldn't think so... The lack of attraction doesn't mean you believe all other races should cease to exist, or are not "worthy" of being called human (which I believe racists actually feel.) I would think it should be considered just like the guys who are only attracted to blondes, redheads, brunettes, short girls, tall girls, thin girls, fat girls, etc., while it's not QUITE as strange of a fetish (for most) as those who are attracted to certain types of clothing, toes, feet, and body parts and functions I won't mention here. So, while you MAY be just on the edge of normal, it's still normal, and no... I don't think you're racist... A bit strange (LOL), but not racist! ;-)
  • I know how you feel, I'm the same way. I've only had asian (chinese) girlfriends over the last 8 years or so. I am not attracted to other women anymore, and I've had white women call me racist before, but I think that's a bit harsh. I'd just rather date asian women... You're ok...
  • No. Actor John Wayne always was atracted to Spanish Women. So you are normal with your attraction to Asian and Latino Women.
  • ask this question on storm front. and why asians? call me old fashioned but thats wrong. and im ready to be attacked. so cmon.
  • I can find nothing wrong at all with you or your choices and as racist goes ...not on your life
  • Every ine has personal preferences as long as they do not spill over into racism or dislike I do not see that your preferences are anyones business but your own. We like what we like.
  • As a guy with the same aspirations, I hope I see you in a veitnamese wedding someday. Do you wish the same for me?
  • no not at all ALOT of latinas are preety from head to toe.and asian girls are also i am latina and my other freinds are also latinas and white guys die for the and my freinds also to..And also my frend that was 18 had a boyfreind that was white and his parents where racist and wanted to move to another place cause they didnt wanted him with her so about 3 days AFTER they said that they ran away WITH EACH OTHER they both live with each other they got married then had a daughter together and the daughter has green eyes long dark brown beautiful hair and is reallY tall..SHES LIKE MISS UNIVERSE!!!!
  • not racist. just mom only digs black men, lol
  • I don't think that makes you racist.
  • Sure it's normal. Does it make you racist? No. To be racist in my eyes, means to hate a certain race or races.
  • I think it's just preference. I am pretty much attracted to dark-skinned men. I have difficulty being attracted to white men. Most of them look very average.
  • You either feel it or you don't, so no I wouldn't call you a racist.
  • latin women are beautiful and their is nothing wrong with what kind of race you like..
  • be yourself,then :)
  • That's not being a racist that is just a matter of personal taste. I married both worlds with a wife that is a Mexapina..
  • I think the rest of the world can live with this.
  • It is not that uncommon. We cannot help who we are attracted to. As long as you treat every race with a certain level of respect, you can be exclusively attracted to whoever.
  • You need to get together with the person who asked this question:
  • It's ok to like what you like. The only thing that would be racist is if you generalized. I know guys that are attracted to asian girls because they said and I quote "they have boy bodies." I personally thought it was creepy but that's what the guy liked. Not all women are built the same. You might one day find a white or a black girl built like Hale Berry and I doubt you would kick her out of bed.
  • Nothing wrong with that. I am of asian descent but only like blondes. I meet a gorgeous young blonde man who only likes women of my colouring........we met......and we are married.
  • Damn find you a white woman that tans good like an Italian.
  • The heart wants what the heart wants. Don't see any problems.

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