• I paid for Limewire and then found it was totally useless they had a very small choice. I loved WnMix and Audio Galaxy.
  • I use a free program ( torrent ), why ? I have little money and well....yeah I know its wrong, but its FREE :-)
  • Its free so why should I pay?
  • Why should I pay for something when you can get it for free, I don't see the logic in that, plus the quality is just as good. I have never paid to download music in my life and don't intend to. These Artist aren't losing anything though.. weather or not I pay for the download they are still gonna make Millions off of us... don't you think?
  • I pay for Spotify. It's cheap and easy to use and I can find almost everything I want. I'm not computer savvy enough to get free music without worrying about viruses etc. This works best for me

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