• OK, what do you want me to do next? Surely you didn't want me to list it here, and thereby have you cheat on your assignment, did you? Think about stacks, and FILO/LIFO.
  • Before asking anything even for the specialist Make a good list Of key words and terms to be defined We understand that you are highly refined!
  • DYOH - We had to when we were in school. This one should be the simplest, and follows up on the palindrome one. 1 Array method - Store the first emement in a temp variable. Copy the last element to the first. Copy the temp element to the last. Do the 2nd element the same way with element(last - 1). Continue until you're done. 2 Array method - COPY the first element of Array1 to the NTH element of Array2. Copy the 2nd to the Nth -1. Continue until done. If it's supposed to be in the first array, copy array 2 to array 1. These are not tough programs. And you should be able to do them without help. TRUST me... In real life you are EXPECTED to do MUCH more complicated processes.
  • Sure thing. My price for that kind of work is about $500.

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