• If humans evolved from apes why are there still apes?
  • He who evolved from apes, and is now "the naked ape" as a great author called, shall evolve into dressed ape!
  • Post-human.
  • Whatever humans unnaturally select for.
  • Well, technically humans are from the ape family therefore we are types of apes, right?
  • The humans have overcome natural selection, the factor that drives evolution. Humans did evolve from apes, or better, from a common ancestor called australopithecus and later homo sapiens. Apes have the same ancestor, but different geographical circumstances split the two races and they took a different way in evolution. Evolution happens, when a genetic mutation gives an individual an advantage to overcome a hardship. Humans have found ways in technology to solve problems by their own, and since the world is close together by transportation systems like planes and cars, there are no isolated places where natural evolution could take place. And anyways, evolution doesnt just happen in some years. This takes thousands of years. However, there is some problem, all our health and medicine created a problem. We are becoming hypersensitive. Hay feaver is an overreaction of our immune system, because we are used to very clean, unnatural environments. All the medicine actually weakens our immune system, and I believe later generations of humans will have a lot of health problems. Also the diseases that are handed down from family to family, that would wipe out a family in nature, aren't fatal because we have medicine for it. This is a great thing, don't understand me wrong, its just the cure of these deseases will make the human race "weaker". In nature, always the strongest creatures survived. With medicine, we stopped this, and we dont really know what the effects are going to be.
  • Humans did not evolve from apes. Apes and humans evolved from a common ancestor.
  • I agree mostly with Comments but we will only diversify genetically as a whole species that is for example it becomes the norm say to have infra-red heat sensing pits like a snake. with modern genetic technology. Anatomically we have stayed the same for 200, 000 years odd its our culture that defines our intelect today not our selection of mates.
  • I think we will all ascend or turn into Priors.
  • Newmans. Seriously, the possibilities are open. If we survive a few hundred thousand more years, the trials that we face combined with the way we direct and create our own environments will likely make for some interesting changes to humanity. I wish I could live long enough to see it.
  • your assuming that we believe in the same thing with this question, and i'm here to say that i don't
  • giants
  • Humans DID NOT evolve from apes and will not evolve in the future.
  • We won't last that long
  • our brains will become bigger and more inefficient. we will continue to breed people with disabilities ie: bad eyesight, diabetes, midgets, etc. so our intelligence will have to balance this. we will need to figure out how to customize the genes of our offspring. just like the movie galactica. so our offspring will become perfect humans with bigger and bigger brains, with better physical attributes. but i see our brains far surpassing our physical abilities.
  • Humans won't evolve anymore due to the singularity. The singularity is a point in the future where machines become intelligent and self-awared. Machines will see humans as a threat, and they will hunt them to extinction.
  • By the looks of it, something much, much worse and, definetely, much much more stupid too

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