• Whores--10% Affairs, including one night stands--80% female.
  • I used to think 100% cheat one way or another. But lately I've come to believe that maybe it's only 80%. I'm female.
  • FEMALE: To me its a stereotype No gender wether male or female cheats on one more than the other Depends on the person not their genitals
  • Of all the men I have known who have been in committed relationships I would say that between 5 and 10 percent of them have been unfaithful, and they have been habitually unfaithful. I am male and 100% faithful.
  • My guess based on my friends and me. Affairs: 50% Prostitutes: 20% Absolutely always faithful: 20% I know the numbers don't add up-- but I am trying to go by my for cure knowledge, which is incomplete. I think that many of the men who are faithful are really afraid of getting caught. If there weren't that fear factor the % would be much higher. male
  • i'm female and this is merely a guess, based on people i know or friends of friends, that kind of thing........... affairs ~30% prostitutes ~5% but i agree with crushed butterfly in that unfaithfulness knows no gender because if you were to ask me the same question about women and i based it on those same people~ affair % could actually be higher :(
  • This is a great Question in light of Eliot Spitzer. I am a librarian in a prep school. I would say that there is a lot of sex going on among the teachers. Most are married, but there's plenty of 'action'. We often take groups of kids out of town and then, after lights out--there's a lot of moving from room to room. Maybe the teachers are checking homework or making up the agenda for the following day, but somehow I suspect otherwise. I now that several of the teachers have on going affairs. my guesses: Prostitutes: unknown Affairs: 60%
  • fifty per cent of men (including my hubby who I love anyway. it's just something that men do. we are married long enough to have grandchildren. We have a great love life. his outside affairs mean little to me. thirty per cent of women female
  • About 50 % but on the last count the amount of women cheating on their husbands was higher. I am female.
  • More than you think. I am a male and found out three days ago my girfriend cheated on me, after four years of relationship. I dont believe there are any descent women left, it just depnds on your experiences. SO, there are alot of descent men left/
  • I think about 80% do at some point - for various reasons - many because the wife gets very fat or doesn't give sex anymore - to being afraid she will deliberately (or not) get pregnant. Others just get into an affair from office or bar friendships. Almost as many women do but it's not usually for sex - more is for attention and some - to get pregnant because their husbands don't want to have a baby. I've done extensive research on this and read many results.
  • More than you expect. male
  • I am a married female and I think it is A LOT and it's sad! I think that men and women cheat and I don't understand why!
  • I think 50 percent of married men are unfaithful. My, you seem very interested in sexual things. I am female.
  • I get magazines every week called "What The Sexes Want" and about 2 weeks ago they had a study of how many men AND woman cheat! They had all different things on there, like What % of boyfriends cheat on girlfriends, b/f cheat on b/f, g/f cheat on b/f, g/f cheat on g/f, wifes cheating on husbands with "1 night stands" was about 60%, wifes cheating on husbands with "long term affairs" was about 30%, husbands cheating on wifes with "1 night stands or protitutes" was about 55%, husbands cheating on wifes with "long term affairs" was about 70%! They had a lot more also, if u wanna know just comment! So, if that study is true, then it looks like most women who cheat, cheat because they want something fun or different and most guys who cheat, cheat 4 another relationship or because they want sex, sex, sex and having another woman will make that happen more than just 1 woman! I am a female and am 100% faithful, my VERY SERIOUS b/f is 100% faithful (as far as I know) and I DO trust him!!!
  • well in just their minds 90%, affairs 40%, prostitutes maybe 20%. just guesses on my part.
  • Same as women, 40-50%.
  • 10-20% I am male

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