• No, but I've seen someone do it. It gives the chalkboard effect, not very nice.
  • A friend of mine had black walls in her bedroom. Black matte walls, with glossy white trim and doors... white carpet and furniture and a hot pink bedspread, pillows, lamp, and bean bag chair. It was an AWESOME bedroom for a teenager.
  • I had girlfriend who painted her 1/2 bathroom black, had her father install a black toliet, put black out shades on window and a black velvet cover for the tp. She needed a light so she put a 7 1/2 watt light bulb in the fixture. She called it her contemplation center. I thought it was like the inside of a porta-potty coffin.
  • No, I haven't. I like the color black, but my house is small enough so painting any wall a dark color like that would make me feel too closed in. Have you?
  • no but i wanted to. My mom convinced me not to. She had it painted a pretty dark blue though
  • no but I might if I get the chance... it depends on how I feel, or if I want that room to be dark or not.
  • no definatly not i hate black in a room
  • Yes, Black walls tend to look dirty because dust shows up very clearly.
  • I helped a friend paint all four walls, her ceiling, and the floor in her bedroom black. She's had it like that for years now, low lighting, with a black futon, a black desk.... oh yeah... everything is black except for an 8 foot Chinese dragon an artist friend painted on a wall for her, and two gargoyle statues. While it's definetly not for me... it suits her to a "T".
  • I sure would like to see a black room.
  • Yes. Then the New York police department raided by house and beat the room for being black.
  • not yet

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