• I think sometimes the plastic bags come in handy, so no I don't think they should just scrap them alltogether. I generally bring my own bags but sometimes I find a good sale or something I forgot I needed and I don't have the space in the bag(s) I brought. So it's useful to me to buy an extra bag for 3 cents and reuse it for a trash bag in the bathroom before putting the bag itself into the recycle bin.
  • I agree, they have done that in a little town near me - Modbury. It is working really well.
  • Sure, but what if you go to the store to pick up bread and milk and bring one cloth bag, and end up buying 3 bags of something because it was on an incredible sale?
  • Hi, DVC..are they charging for them in your neck of the woods? We live in southern California and we are not being charged. We usually do a "big" shopping once a week and come home with a lot of bags of groceries/cleaning supplies/etcetera..I think it would be impractical to have 8 or more re-usable bags for most people, although I do agree that it is a worthy goal. Happy Thursday to you! :)
  • Yes, scrap em and keep a few handy just incase you need more bags than you brought. In our neck of the woods markets are selling these cloth bags, then giving you a discount (5 cents a bag) when you use them.
  • I've only noticed them selling bags at stores like Save A Lot, where their stuff is cheaper and generally people collect empty boxes throughout the store to pack their groceries in.
  • I scrapped them! I keep a set of cloth bags in the car. I take them all in to the store in case I buy more than what I stopped for.
  • It might be. But if you buy the material bags in the store, and bring back a batch, HOW would they know you didn't just rip them off the shelves, tearing off the tags in the aisles? Plastic bags are also good for recycling... As you can use them for the smaller (bathroom, car, maybe office) trash cans, not wasting the plastic from the larger bags. Most are also made with recycled material. If they DO start charging for them around here, we'll have to figure something out. Groceries are expensive enough (and going up with shipping costs.) (Aldi's - a local store where you "bag your own" after going through the checkout, ALWAYS charged for shopping bags there - You COULD find empty stock boxes or trays to use... like you do at Sam's Club and maybe Costco (I can't recall)...)
  • I think its a good idea but I re-use mine as poop scoopin bags so if the stopped doing them then I would have to leave dog poop all over the village!!...haahaa..only kidding ;-D
  • I hope they keep a few even if they charge for them. With my luck (and memory) I'd probably forget my cloth bags 50% of the time. That would really be unhandy.
  • They do that in my area already, a lot of grocery places will sell you these nice big cloth bags for not too much, and you just use those. Still have plastic and paper bags though.
  • The whole point of charging is to encourage people to save money by bringing their, yet still provide for those who don't want to. I have begun making patchwork cloth bags to sell. they have a pocket in them to fold up several bags in, so that you only unfold the one you are using, but still have several back up bags, just in case.
  • If they eliminated plastic bags entirely, without replacing them with paper bags, they'd lose a lot of business due to inconveniencing the customers.
  • Does their charge go to recycling research or programs or just to their pocketbook.

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