• This is pretty dorky, but I love to build model cars. I have next to no interest in cars, and I couldn't care less what happens when I finish building them, a lot of times I just throw them in the trash after a couple of months. I don't know why I enjoy it so much, I think the process is more fun than seeing the finished model. Not exactly what you meant, I know, but it was the closest thing I could think of.
  • Would it be wrong to say masturbation?;)
  • Similarly- I love writing, but if someone (unpublished) wants me to read their stuff, I usually have to force myself to start. Once I'm in, I can judge it on its own merits- if it's good, I'll enjoy it. But I have a hard time hearing others talk about their own writings. Stupid and selfish, I admit, but that's what it is.
  • Oddly enough, I love reading waaaaay more than I like writing. I only enjoy writing when it's something I'm passionate about, other than that it's a chore. But I'll read any ole crap that someone publishes.
  • I am very passionate about cooking. I love to throw little get togethers for my friends and family and show off my skills in the kitchen. Many of my friends and family keep encouraging me to go to Culinary School but I see it as a big waste of money because as much as I enjoy cooking for my friends and family I don't think I would enjoy doing it as a profession.
  • You are so fortunate to be able to write poetry, I am quite dumb for that. I enjoy woodcarving and do a lot of things for my home I have very good patterns that I buy when I travel. I also do some ceramics but never in summer because of the oven and the weather here in Latin America. Regards
  • I write the occasional piece of verse or poetry, as well as articles, essays, and any number of things - and (I'll probably be struck by lightning for admitting this) I don't want to read anybody else's stuff (at least online). I have a ton of books, magazines, and even instruction manuals at home that I haven't gotten to; and then I write to take a break from whatever else is going on in my day. If I want to read I'll head for the books I bought and never got to. Of course (this may make the lightning strike stay away) I don't care who reads my stuff, if anyone, either. :) I do feel like a troll online, though, because so many sites expect you to "participate in the community" - when all I want to do is writing something and dump it into their system. :)

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