• Technically, if you play one sax you can play them all (In a perfect world). Alto to tenor is one of the easiest switches, so yes if you play the alto you can play tenor. However, it will take some practice to get the same tone quality and get used to the bigger mouthpiece. The reading music is the same, and the fingering is the same. The difference is in concert keys. As you may know, a concert "A" is an F# on alto saxophone. That makes the alto in the key of Eflat. Sopranino, alto, and baritones are all key of Eflat. However, tenor, soprano, and bass are in the key of Bflat.
  • All saxophones have the same fingerings and you would read the notes the same way off of the page, but they are in different keys and things such as scales would be different.
  • no, tenor is b-flat alto is e-flat

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