• I am familiar with the neighborhood where the house is and it's very safe. Neighbors are relatively nice. It's quiet. If I get another place, I'll be moving into an unknown situation. Tough when you're alone. On the other hand, It's a 50 mile round-trip for me to go to work. The house is a money-pit. No matter where I look, something needs to be done. The front porch is falling off, the plumbing and wiring are shot and it needs new carpeting throughout.
  • I would suggest that you live in a place that you can support (including cleaning and maintenance) with a minimum of outside help. This is smartest in the long run.
  • I would sell it as-is and get a smaller home with acreage
  • if you have inherited it, I would say keep it and do it up. If it has been in the family, as a victorian home it would be a shame to sell it. Particularly for any future family members that could benefit from it.
  • Unless you have a reasonable amount of experience in building repair, and can do quite a lot of it yourself, I would sell quickly as-is. If you can do 75% of the work yourself, and only call in craftsmen for the specialist bits, then you could add quite a lot of value. But is most of what you would be doing is calling in craftsmen to work for you, someone else will be able to do better and cheaper; wisest to sell to them and take the money quickly.

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