• I think if you are out in public, anywhere, everyone has the right to video tape anything they want to. If you are at home they can video tape anything they can see from the street.
  • People can videotape/take pictures of anything they can see from public property, some rules about government buildings and "reasonable expectation of privacy" not withstanding. So: If they're standing on the sidewalk the city owns, filming through your windows? yes. If they're on your property, no. (Not a lawyer, but this is from my media law class, dealing with when pictures are/aren't a violation of privacy.)
  • if your are able to be seen through a window of your business then yes , or in any public area.. but i am not sure if they can enter the property and video tape you...
  • In a word the answer is NO. The First Amendment only goes so far. The media has no right to trespass and can be ejected from private property. Using hidden cameras is a separate issue. Can you stop them from using the video as you eject them from your property, no, so be polite. Refer to company policy, even if you are just making it up on the spot if it is your business.

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