• My niece was adorable. She always wanted to "dude it mine OWN self" And her favourite food was "Macka-noni tees"
  • My brother called the fridge the "fidgerfader" and the museum the "musueum" Really enjoyed that. But he's better now. If you can call being a teenager better.
  • My daughter used to say "I fungy" instead of "I'm hungry". And my son used to call the utility room the "utitlity room".
  • Mamma (hammer) was my 2 year old son/helper's favorite tool.
  • My son used to call Mountain Dew - Hoppin Dew!! So appropriate.
  • My son used to say when he was like 18 mos. old "Whew, Daddy! I pell a stunk" (I smell a skunk)
  • ah i was shattered when my daughter learned how to say "landrover" correctly - she used to say "wandwowa" .. and also "koala" used to be "kowawa" .. cute question! :)
  • My neice has trouble with the word yellow she calls it "lellow" and she calls a chihuahua a "chihooahoo" its very cute cause she is only 2
  • My son used to call the barbecue the "Q-Ber-Bar"! And my own mother tells a story of how when I was a kid, I used to call Macaroni & Cheese "Maggot Cheese"!
  • My daughter didn't actually mispronounce the words as much as just get them wrong. I used to put vaseline on her nose when she got a cold. One day her nose got sore and she came to me and said, "Mommy, I need some gasoline on my nose." + 5
  • i still say "aminal" if i speak in a rush
  • Canemal is how my daughter pronounces camel. I think it is so cute.
  • yep, my little boy recently made 'binoclears' at nursery school, and my little girl calls her umbrella her 'umbelelly'
  • My niece Jessica use to call me unky Bull because she had problems saying uncle Bill. and called spaghetti ba-sketti.
  • My two younger kids (now 14 and 15) used to say "schameen" instead of machine. My mom and dad have a slot machine, and they called it the slop schameen. My son also use to say seeneen and haner instead of singer and hanger, he insisted that the g was silent. My daughter and I still say it all the time. Oh, and my older son (now 20) used to say "slippery" instead of Slurpee. Once we were in a party store and he kept saying he wanted slippery and I didn't know what he was talking about, so I asked him to show me. He drug me to the back of the store and pointed at the beer cooler. I drug him out of there, and it turned out there was a 7-11 on the other side of the store (on the side where the beer cooler was) and then I got what he was talking about!
  • My nephew had the "chicken pops" when he was little.
  • What a FUN question! My sons both said "You Nork" for "New York". My youngest (8) still says "akleast" for "at least". My oldest called his Aunt Valerie, Aunt Bowderie.
  • i used to call a remote control a mokkenkol hahahaha
  • My kid called a spoon a 'spon' for an eternity.
  • my daughter used to call the family dog yilly but who's name is Lilly. and yips for lips. and psegetti for speggetti . tarver for her brother carver.. was cute as hell.. i wish she would still do it.. oh yeah lellow for yellow... greats are great i wish they stayed that age
  • My daughter, who is hearing impaired, was only repeating what SHE heard when she would say, cole slob, for cole slaw and this was the best, fore skins were pork skins.

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