• When I was in grad school, I was at a friend's house when a little boy (son of another guest) went into the bathroom and rubbed Vaseline all over his body from head to toe. The boy's mother tried to scrub the petroleum jelly off the boys body with normal Ivory soap but the grease remained. Coal tar shampoo was used on his scalp but the only thing that removed the Vaseline was shaving his head bald. No wonder your baseball mitt is the way it is.
  • Just use a towel to rub off the extra you have. That's the best you can do. You are supposed to use the tiniest amount that gets soaked in the leather. But you have saturated it. So try to wipe up what you can. When you've removed the surface stuff, they get some cornmeal and rub that on the glove to soak up some more.
  • a little baby powder will absorb the grease.

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